sugar free muskmelon smoothie

sugar free muskmelon smoothie

Muskmelon smoothie is the main product for our PSB café. The main aim of this café is to promote our smoothie and make our smoothie famous. PSB café is introduced its new menu to introduce new sugar free muskmelon smoothie. It is the healthy smoothie which is highly enrich in the vitamins and minerals. It is very beneficial for the heart related patients. Our main target audience are students age from 18 to 25 .mostly they are health conscious and like to eat and drink healthy food and drinks. The price of the smoothie is best as compare to other competitors. We can purchase this smoothie from the Brampton Sheridan campus and in Mississauga Sheridan campus.

Features of muskmelon Smoothie

Healthier Sugar free muskmelon Smoothie fully enrich in vitamins and minerals 

When students come to college, they can drink it in the breakfast because it is beneficial for our health. In the college mostly the boys come from the gym so they can purchase it vs a healthy drink. It also helps in the brain development and blood stream. The smoothie contains honey mint, orange and creamy honeydew kiwi. The honey mint int in the smoothie helps in the weight loss and also in the skin care, honeydew kiwi helps to reduce the blood pressure and orange helps to lower down the cholesterol in the body. the products which we add to the smoothie makes our smoothie healthier and fresher. The café never wants to compromise on the ingredients of smoothie like the most important thing is that we offer fresh ingredients for the smoothie

Difference in price

  • according to the size This smoothie available in the different sizes like small, medium and large size.  The small size of the smoothie is about 473 ml, medium size is710 ml.  the specialty of this smoothie is that they contain the different per
  • according to the percentage of milk percentage of milk like 2% milk, 3% milk smoothie according to the choice of the customer. the price is little bit change according to the percentage of the milk. And also, there is sugar free smoothie available in the cafe which is very beneficial for the health and first demand for health-conscious student.  We can add some dry fruits in the smoothie according to the choice of the customers like if customers want some almonds and nuts in the smoothie than we can add it but we can charge 25 cent more to the customer. It makes the smoothie more attractive and healthier.


For promotion, we are using many strategies in the cafe. giving the extra points on the scene card and also the coupons . We also offer the offer for the cash back on the debit card. We also use  app for the promotion like we can offer Uber cash back/ half price smoothie on Wednesday. In the first two week we also giving the free sample to the student to attract the more customers . Then we also giving the free smoother on the 7th purchase. For the promotion we also add the thing for the Sheridan student that they can pay  by the  student one card which is big benefits for the all , there are no taxes when you are paying by one card. You can also order through the boot app which is available in the Sheridan Davis and Mississauga campus.


To conclude, we can say that by the sale our new smoothie is in the great demand. All the person like our smoothie very much because its affordable and in the different price. It is healthy smoothie contain some type of dry fruits. So, it is the healthy smoothie which helps in the brain development and also in the skin problem. This thing helps very much to the success of the muskmelon smoothie.



sugar free muskmelon smoothie

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