Affordable Integrated Solar-Panel Cars in Mississauga

At PSB Automotive, we are not just redefining the automotive industry; we are revolutionizing it. PSB Automotive is excited to present Affordable Integrated Solar Panel Cars in Mississauga. As a pioneer in sustainable transportation, we are committed to leading the charge towards a cleaner, greener future. With our innovative approach to affordable integrated solar-panel cars, we are driving change and making … Continue reading Affordable Integrated Solar-Panel Cars in Mississauga

Capture Memories at Brampton Photography-Themed Bowling Alley

"Welcome to PSB Bowling, a photography-themed bowling alley where we welcome you to "Capture Memories"! Experience a creative and enjoyable world as we provide special photography-themed bowling activities that are sure to make your time here absolutely unforgettable. Join us at Capture Memories at Brampton Photography-Themed Bowling Alley for an experience like no other!" Snap … Continue reading Capture Memories at Brampton Photography-Themed Bowling Alley

PSB Fitness Center Grand Opening is Sheridan HMC & Davis

Now it’s here we are opening the first ever Gyms in Sheridan college campuses and we are proudly to present that PSB is here for you! PSB will be here for you to: lose weight gain muscle Increase your stamina Training for professional sports have more confidence be a better version of yourself And so … Continue reading PSB Fitness Center Grand Opening is Sheridan HMC & Davis

Fitness Club Sheridan Brampton

A completely new experience at PSB Fitness Club at Sheridan Brampton About Us Our mission is to provide Canadians the opportunity to live a fit and healthy life. PSB Fitness Club at Sheridan Brampton is currently opened at the two campuses of Sheridan College, Brampton, and Mississauga where people can avail benefits round the clock, … Continue reading Fitness Club Sheridan Brampton

Introducing PSB Fitness Rewards!

Get Rewarded! Along with your PSB Fitness Membership, you can earn rewards every time you visit the gym and do activities! From free smoothies and snacks to free personal training with our experts. The rewards are endless as long as you stay fit and healthy with us. Plus, members can enter contests for a chance … Continue reading Introducing PSB Fitness Rewards!

PSB Personal Trainer HMC and Davis

Are you struggling with getting in shape in this pandemic or are you a beginner to fitness regimes? Looking for a motivator to keep you dedicated to physical training in an innovative way? Here we are, with certified PSB Personal trainer at Sheridan's HMC and Davis Campus. The team of certified trainers will guide you … Continue reading PSB Personal Trainer HMC and Davis

PSB Fitness Canteen

A little taste of the PSB Fitness Canteen Now our fitness center has a place specializing in healthy eating, the PSB Fitness Canteen. Come and visit our facilities and change your eating habits, after all, it is never too late for you to have a healthy diet and a better quality of life! The PSB … Continue reading PSB Fitness Canteen

Sheridan PSB Loyalty Card

Understand the benefits of exercising and how our Sheridan PSB loyalty card is aligned with your interests Have you heard about the PSB Fitness or the Sheridan PSB loyalty card? Our purpose is not to be a fitness centre, but instead, bring together meaningful content using our website and social media, a trustful and qualified … Continue reading Sheridan PSB Loyalty Card

PSB Fitness Brampton Benefits

Benefits of PSB Fitness Club to our Loyal Customers About PSB Fitness Centre PSB Fitness Club is one of the best Fitness Club in GTA. It is located at two locations of Sheridan College HMC Campus (4180 Duke of York Boulevard, Mississauga) and Davis Campus Brampton (7899 McLaughlin Road, Brampton) It is a place where … Continue reading PSB Fitness Brampton Benefits

Summer Ready Program HMC

PSB Fitness offers the Summer Ready Program HMC of a lifetime! Join now to look better, feel better, and do better! What is Summer Ready Program at HMC? The Summer Ready Program HMC launches at the start of every year and ends in April. If you miss this round, there is another one from April … Continue reading Summer Ready Program HMC