Social Media Discounts for Students

Social Media Following and Discounts 


Social Media Discounts for Students


Eat for Less Students! Receive social media discounts!

Eating healthy and staying fit is now the latest trend for everyone. Eating healthy is just as important as physical exercise, with not having many options at Sheridan College we at PSB cafe have decided to come out with salad bowls. Not only have we created a healthy option for our Sheridan students, but now just by following the socials, you can eat for less! In light of that, PSB cafe has now introduced to Sheridan students with social media discounts.

By following our social media you can earn a 5% off on any salad bowls at PSB cafe

  • Follow our Instagram @PSBcafe_saladbowls to receive 5% off
  • Our Twitter @PSBcafe_saladbowls to receive 5% off
  • And Follow our Facebook @PSBcafe_saladbowls to receive 5% off
  • Check out our site for more information:

Salad Bowls and Media

Each social media follow will receive you a 5% off your meal only once. Meaning that if you follow our Instagram you will receive that 5% off but the catch with that is you can use this follow discount once at each location. Thus, allowing you to get 5% off three times through each media platform. Following the accounts will keep you updated on new salad bowls! Always stay in the loop with our social media! Promo codes will be shown to you through our story posts. Make sure to always be updated! You can take the promo codes and show it to your cashier and receive your discount! What a great way for social media to give discounts to students to help them with their finances.

Other ways you can receive gifts or discounts is by:

  1. Sign up for our email promo codes
  2. Look at Tv’s in Sheridan Halls to see what events will be hosted at PSB cafe (participating in these events you can receive gift cards, discounts and many other prizes)

Giveaways and Prizes

Throughout our social media posts, you as active Sheridan students will be able to win many prizes and get all the latest news about what is going on in the cafe. Such as our events, we will be having a bunch of poetry nights, karaoke night, have some student Ted talks. Some of the prizes that we will be giving out to our active social media users are a pair for Airpods, a three-night stay in Toronto and then our big prize is a round trip to Brazil for Carnival. All these prizes will only be given to the most active users that follow all of our social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We will be having a big giveaway on the opening of our cafe which will be the best way to come out and show your Sheridan pride, the prize includes a $50 gift card and Sheridan swag bag.

Social media for students to receive a discount is the best way to always be in the loop with PSB cafe. To receive any of these discounts check us out at any Sheridan campus! Above all make sure to follow us and show your Sheridan pride by eating healthy and organic food only at PSB cafe.

PSB Cafe and You

Internal Links to other blogs talking about PSB cafe and the benefits! These internal links help show how PSB cafe has unique standing against our competitors, and how we are meeting the needs of our consumers. The consumers which are our Sheridan students are the most important factor in building our healthy environment, so with you, we succeed.

To learn more about PSB cafe and our benefits check out the links below:






What is Ketogenic?

It is 2020 and the craze for Ketogenic Coffee, better yet Ketogenic ANYTHING has been the main dietary trend for all people in different shapes and sizes; mainly for those who are trying to stay fit and lose weight.

But what is a Ketogenic diet you must say? A Ketogenic diet usually consists of high fatty foods but very low carbohydrate intake so that your body essentially goes into a ketosis stage which is a stage where your body recognizes all the fat that you’re eating and at the same time burns it.

Where can I find tasty Ketogenic Coffee?

For Sheridan students finding this treat would not be a hard task!

PSB Café is located at all 3 campuses including the Trafalgar and Davis campus and offers an extensive variety of Ketogenic beverages such as coffee, coolers, and many more!

PSB Café Ketogenic coffee includes:

  • Vegan Options such as non dairy milk alternatives like Coconut Milk, Almond Milk, Soy Milk and many more.
  • Coffees, Teas, & Smoothies
  • Weight Loss, Helps Concentration, reduces heart problems, lessen your hunger appetite (Full Longer), may improve acne, Lower your Cholesterol
  • Fatty Acids Oils (Omega 3): Cocoa Butter, Coconut oils, Walnut oil, Hazelnut Oils, Heavy Cream, Peanut, Almond Butter, Pistachios, Macadamia, Avocado
  • Very Low in Carbohydrates
  • Affordable Prices S- $3.95/ Medium $4.55/ Large $5.65

Why should I buy this Ketogenic coffee/product?

This product is beneficial to most people who has specific dietary needs. It allows people to take a hold of their eating habits and optimize it for the better. These Ketogenic beverages that PSB Cafe offers does not only allow you to stay healthy and fit but to it will also allow you to enjoy and appreciate the product you are buying because it is simply delicious. Our product is friendly to all whether you are lactose intolerant or practice Veganism we have all the options for you!

Find Us on…

Our Website

Generally speaking, Sheridan students can always find us through the website at Provides students with frequently Q&A, product updates, the latest promotions and events occurring at the campus.

Social Media


Meanwhile, follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see our posts on how we serve our Keto beverages. Students get promotion codes on their purchases as well. Make sure to watch our life stories on Instagram. Students will be automatically entered for a chance to win a $500 gift card.


To consider all student’s contests, the student must like, comment and share a post of their Keto purchase. Don’t forget to add the hashtags: either “#ketoatpsb” or “#ketosheridan.  PSB café advertises well nutritious Keto beverages contain a good source of protein and low in carbohydrates. For those who are health conscious and students who may be on a conservative diet.