PSB Fitness Center Grand Opening is Sheridan HMC & Davis

Now it’s here we are opening the first ever Gyms in Sheridan college campuses and we are proudly to present that PSB is here for you!

PSB will be here for you to:

lose weight
gain muscle
Increase your stamina
Training for professional sports
have more confidence
be a better version of yourself
And so much more…

In Addition PSB strive to give you a better eating and training habits and to have a better Quality of life.
PSB offers:

• Personal Training.
• Weight Training.
• Daily Fitness Classes.
• Time Management.
• Diet Nutrition.
• Virtual On Demand Classes.
• Hot Yoga.
• Premium Equipment.

At Home
• Personal Training.
• On-Demand Classes.
• At-Home Workout And Exercises.
• Recipes And Nutrition Content.
• Daily Live Stream Classes And Workouts.

Tips and Tricks to get the most out of your workout/ Diet Plan.
As you settle into an active lifestyle, Above all you will want to learn which fitness routine it will give you the most energy and the best results and PSB will be here for you and help you make that happen.
Why you should join PSB fitness:

• $0 Joining Fees.
• No Commitment, no regrets.
• Cancel Anytime.
• 1 Hour On-Boarding Session Per Adult With A Personal Trainer.
• $25 Spa Credit.
• Digital Featuring Apple Fitness+.
• Nutritional Discounts.
• Social Events.
• Unlimited Small Group Training.


Sheridan College Davis 7899 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9
Sheridan College HMC 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5

Become A Member
Talk To Our Team
416 845 9406 – Monday to Friday 9 a.m to 5 p.m
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PSB Gym in Sheridan

PSB in Sheridan
In todays time people have become more conscious and caring about what they eat and how much they eat because They want to keep themselves fit and healthy but sometimes they don’t get enough guidance and training to get their desired body because of some lacks in their nutrition and equipment. PSB Gym in Sheridan understands our audience to service them in a better way. PSB Gyms in Sheridan aims to serve people by fulfilling their needs.

What is PSB and its goal?
PSB is fitness Gym that is opened at two locations within the Sheridan college campuses at Brampton and Mississauga.
Our goal is to help people who want to stay fit and healthy in their life by provide them products and services at easily accessible locations.
Our Gym provides various products and services to customers according to their needs. Furthermore, we have various membership plans that may fit in customers budget and preferences.

Cost of Plans:
Bronze for $15/ month
Gold for $30/month
Diamond for $40/ month

Most importantly, we offer our customers freedom to personalize their membership plans. They can pay additional charges for a service they want to include.

There is one thing that makes us different from our competitors and that is our service to provide snacks, drinks and workout meal because we believe that in a hectic and busy schedule people forget to complete their daily nutritional requirement and may feel dizzy or low in between or after the workouts. Therefore, our meals may help to boost your energy and complete the dietary needs.
chicken Salad

Our two main locations.
PSB Gym in Sheridan
Sheridan College, Davis Campus, building J
7899 McLaughlin rd, Brampton, L6Y5H9
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PSB Gym in Sheridan
Sheridan College, HMC campus, building A
4180 York Boulevard, Mississauga, L5BOGB
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Contact us:

how PSB fitness promote fitness amoung youngsters

In todays world, we can see that there are many people which are disturbed by their unhealthy lifestyle and are worried about their health. PSB fitness promotes healthy living amoung youngsters as there main focus is not to earn money but to make the society healthy. they are providing many services in very cheap prices only because to attract more and more customers and to malke more and more people healthier. PSB fitness is not only a good service provider but also a major role player in the life of today’s generation. some people can’t affordf the expenses of fitness schools and can’t focuse on theitr health and PSB fitness is playing a major role over here by makling it easier for all those people. There are many advertisement in which they shows the benefits of healthy living. Moreover, such fitness clubs don’t even care about the profits of the company because they are not here to earn money. They are in the market to make the people aware that how much important it is be healthy. The main problem comes in the old age of unhealthy lifestyle. PSB fitness is the only fitness school which is more providing so much facilities in such low prices only because to make people join to the fitness schools and to live a healthier lifestyles. They are also thinking to orgasnize some competitions because young generation is always gets attracted to win any type of tournaments. They are promoting many articles in which the importance of fitness is involved and many more. This is a great technique to make them gym lovers. Some skinny guys got insulted in their friend circle only because of their weak and small body structure.these types of people are very depressed and needs some motivation to come forward. PSB fitness is also offering its online application from where anyone can know about their plans and can be motivated after viewing the low rates with great and many services which will be definiately provides. New and all types of machinery is available at their all locations so no one can compalint about anything and can be properly satisfied. these things are really amazing and really attract the youngsters. Many bodybuilders also did the promotion for PSB fitness to increase their subscriptions. Most of the people got motivation from big armed body builders and fitness clubs use to print many posters of all those to attract them. These things are really helpful and kind of important because fitness plays a major role in everybody’s life and everyone must be fit and healthy to expect a healthier life from themselves. Fitness can be promoted by advertising many natural based products.

PSB Fitness Gym -HMC Campus

PSB Fitness Gym (HMC Campus)

Don’t let the lockdowns Lock your health down

PSB Fitness Gym is here at HMC campus for helping you live like you want. Hundreds of thousands of people of North Americans don’t like the way they look because they are unfit. Mental health and self confidence are both affected badly which is unacceptable for healthy lifestyle. That is why PSB is determined to bring the inner best in you that we know is achievable but not without your help.

Every one in three US adult is Obese Know more

How can we help you

Everything comes down to what you want, is it Weight loss or Bulking up or Building muscle or Burning Fat or Yoga? don’t worry we got you covered. With the help of professional trainers with great experience in the industry of fitness. Our schedules and training programs are very flexible to your needs and lifestyle.

Using the best in class Life Fitness Gym equipment to to help you train like a champ.  know more


Yoga Classes

To top it off, PSB also provides Yoga lessons for its customers those prefer less intensive fitness programs which also help in a active start for the day when you are not able to workout.


Whey Supplement

PSB also provides in store supplements for your growth at no added costs making it convenient for you as customer and saving time.


Sheridan HMC Campus

“What you should I do about it now?”

Its simple, try out our fitness plans for 2 weeks for free and see the changes yourselves ,pricing includes:

Gym @ $45

Yoga Classes + $25

Personalized training + $150

This helps us to help more be the way they want to be but at last no amount can buy you your health back when lost so keep grinding and keep shining.

Join us at PSB!

Finally! There is a modern, affordable and dynamic fitness centre aimed at precisely you!

With PSB fitness we are excited to offer a unique line up of products and services from everything from our new refreshing smoothies to receiving personal training with some our knowledgeable enthusiastic trainers.

When we can finally put this pandemic in the rear-view mirror, we want to help you transform yourself into your best you. Because let’s be honest you’ve earned it.

For those experienced athletes or complete beginners PSB is for you! We provide a welcoming and energetic atmosphere for you to thrive. We are currently offering personal training at a much lower cost to allow you to experience all the benefits that it has to offer without breaking the bank.

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PSB fitness in Brampton

PSB fitness gym in Brampton is the best quality gym located in the most beautiful areas in Brampton. PSB fitness in Brampton provides tons of services to its customers and it never compromises with the quality of the products and machines offered.

Why PSB fitness?
PSB fitness in Brampton offers high quality gym and equipment for the people who believe in “quality makes a difference” and those fitness freaks who wants to indulge themselves in healthy lifestyle by using some time of their day for themselves and their body to make it healthy and happy.

Types of machines-
PSB fitness in Brampton offers every type of machine offered by any gym but very high quality, including safety for every customer that uses the machine. some of the machines are- elliptical, treadmill, stair climber, row machine and stationary bike for cardio and for muscle building- Bench Press, Pec Deck, Seated Machine Row, Lat Pulldown, Machine Shoulder Press, Dips Machine, Preacher Curl Machine, Squat Rack, Leg Press, Smith Machine, Cable Crossover Machine.

the quality of PSB Fitness gym in Brampton is very high and every machine is made out of High quality steel which not only give strength to the equipment but it is also very stable and comfortable for the customer who uses the product to perform muscle building exercises. the dumbells and bars offered in PSB fitness gym have safety padding around the holding area so that it is not harmful to perform exercise using those dumbells and bars.

PSB fitness in Brampton offers a lot of services for its customers, so that is very convenient for them to join and perform the exercises. the services offered are-
Free Personal Training

Personal Training programs are designed based on 9 variables:

Bone structure
Particular goals
Medical history
Results of fitness evaluation
Doctor’s input and recommendations

Free Medical Monitoring
Nurses work in PSB fitness play a key role in monitoring your health. Every month, for free, they monitor your heart and circulatory system, measure and weigh you, and chart your percentage of body fat. They use computer estimates to determine your body age, which decreases month to month, as your other fitness components improve. These benefits are all provided free of charge.

Free InBody Screenings
In less than 60 seconds, the InBody not only examines the composition of your body, but also reveals percentage of body fat, muscle distribution, and body water balance; components that are key in understanding more about your body. The inBody Test give you a true and complete assessment of your body, allowing you to track your progress accurately. Go beyond the scale and see what you’re made of

Free Nutritional Counseling
Our nutritionists help you with your nutritional program. Proper nutrition is an essential complement to exercise for high energy, and lasting health.

Over 85 Free Group Fitness Classes
PSB fitness members can take advantage of over 85 free group fitness classes per week. We have classes galore – ranging from classic group fitness staples such as yoga, step, aqua, kickboxing, toning, and spinning, to the hottest new fitness crazes such as ZUMBA, Pilates, Body Sculpt, POUND!, Insanity, TurboKick and more!

PSB fitness provides discounts to its customers for their convenience, for example special discounts for people who join directly for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months. free 1 month to the customers that come with a reference. special discounts for family members so that everyone in the family can get fit and healthy. special discounts for students who are studying in colleges to help them manage fund along with living a healthy lifestyle for their healthy future.
the image shows a person performing exercise to train legs in gym

the image shows types of equipment used to perform excersise in gym
Artworks depict a list of exercise workout tools, machines, and equipments in the gym room.

PSB Fitness center HMC and Davis campus

PBS fitness center HMC and Davis campus.
We are very thrilled to introduce new PSB fitness at both our HMC and Davis campus. The main goal of the fitness center will to motivate people to join fitness center as it will help all the students and professors to focus on their health at place of their work only, which will overall be a great advantage for staff and students of the campus, the following are the benefits of PSB fitness club are as following:
• It will be open 24/7
• There will be no Commitment periods
• Virtual Fitness and cycling classes will be available
• Indoor running and jogging track for athletes
• 1 week’s free trial and a shareable membership
• Body massage will be provided too
• Along with many more services.

PSB fitness is also going to host a major event which will include lots of outdoor and indoor fun activities and there will be many prizes to win. Latest updates and information will be posted at PSB fitness website.
The fitness center will be located at two locations which will be:
1. Sheridan College HMC Campus (Mississauga), building A, Ground floor
2. Sheridan College Davis Campus (Brampton), building J.
Fitness campaign will be launched in starting of this summer and both the locations will be fully operating the fitness club from the start and more over, For the first three months promotions will be done of the fitness club to motivate as much as students to join the club and focus on their health side by side to work. The man event will be hosted by Jessie and Matt who are the founding members and with other current members. This event will be launched in the second month of the campaign.
Nowadays as more and more people are getting conscious about health and due to the fact they are spending more time at fitness clubs on their health as due to this fact PSB fitness will be offering lot of facilities like special gym room, massage rooms, yoga rooms, and like this many more indoor and outdoor activities so that it can provide as much as facilities to their staff and student to maintain and focus on their health and moreover our fitness club will have specialised trainers for athletic students.

New members will also have options to choose their personal trainers and their diet plans for they type of workout each different individual prefer. Moreover food, energy drinks, protein bars will be available at fitness club only for the convenience of its members.
Major key trends of the fitness club are:
1. Now more and more people getting health conscious.
2. Increase in number of people going to fitness club is an upward trend for the club as the credit goes to people getting more aware of health and fitness of their physical and mental health.
3. Due to the innovation in technology also have encouraged people join heath clubs, and due to the fact, the fitness club at both the campus will have latest technology for convince of their members.

HMC PSB Fitness Center

New HMC PSB Fitness Center provided to you by Sheridan College

PSB Fitness Center is about to reveal 3 new locations on Sheridan Campuses, HMC (4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON), Davis (7899 McLaughlin Road, Brampton, ON), and Trafalgar (1430 Trafalgar Rd, Oakville, ON). PSB Fitness Centers will be available for students as early as 1st of May 2021. These new PSB Fitness Center facilities have a wide range of activities and clubs that students can join and take advantage of during their stay on campus. The PSB Fitness Centers include yoga sessions, weightlifting, boxing, cardio, tennis and table tennis, and many more activities on sight. For more activities on campus PSB Fitness Center

free weights and weightlifting machines

PSB Fitness Center

PSB Fitness Centers are made to be easily accessible for physical activities by students or staff who are looking to get in shape. That’s why PSB Fitness Centers give students the freedom to workout on their own time while they are on campus and not interfere with lecture attendance. Therefore, students are not required to leave the campus to go for a run, yoga class, or even lift weights. Everything is provided within these centers to save students time going back and forth between campus and wherever they are signed up for gym. PSB Fitness Center provides convince for its students and staff to limit wasted time during their day to utilize their time wisely and perform better in school and in personal life.

free weights

PSB Fitness Center Equipment

HMC PSB Fitness Center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that are modern. The equipment installed at PSB Fitness Centers are selected based on ease of usability and safety. They are certified by ASTM which are standards for fitness products. Safety is the utmost important issue that PSB Fitness Center try to keep above all. Therefore, PSB Fitness Center first priority is student’s safety while operating equipment in their facilities to minimize risk of injuries while performing physical activities.

gym Equipment



PSB Fitness Center offers various memberships packages depending on students’ preferences. Members are welcome to choose which campus they like to attend for their physical fitness session by a joint membership across all three PSB Fitness Centers. With the purchase of a yearly membership, PSB Fitness Center offers incentives for students to bring any guest with them to these facilities for free. For pricing and memberships please visit PSB Fitness Center Pricing

Physical health effects on student performance in school

A study has shown positive correlation between student’s physical fitness and their academic performance. Therefore, more physically fit students tend to perform better on schoolwork. This has been measured using achievement test scores and Healthy Fitness Zone (HFZ). For more information on the study visit Physical Fitness and Academic Performance

PSB Fitness Center Healthy Living Cycle

Mental Health

Working out is a way to avoid mental illness and have a positive effect on someone’s state of mind. Physical activities release a neurotransmitter called dopamine. This neurotransmitter is responsible for happiness and pleasure. Many students choose working out to get that euphoria feeling which yields in a happier person. As a result, students divert away from feeling down or potentially going to other unhealthy sources to reach that euphoric feeling such as drugs. In conclusion, physical exercise keeps the mind and body healthy.

PSB Fitness Center Subscription

Mailing lists are available for students who would like to get live updates regarding facility upgrades and any new club openings that might be of interest. Signup now to stay updated

PSB Fitness Center on Social Media

Lastly, PSB Fitness Center is present on social media. Socially active students on these platforms should follow PSB Fitness Center for promotion, apparel sales, new updates, give away gifts, interactions with other students, and spreading the word among students who are looking to become more physically fit.

Follow us on social media platforms.

To sum up, come join us in the new PSB Fitness Center facilities. What are you waiting for!


PSB Fitness – The Best Solution To Your Stress

In these unprecedented times, everyone is stressed out. Some people are falling into depression because of being stuck in one place. COVID-19 has hit the world hard and even after it’s gone, it will continue to be a major impact on the lives of people. It will take quite some time before everything goes back to normal.

PSB Fitness has taken initiative of providing an economically friendly way for people to cope with such times, especially for students. Our gyms will open in all Sheridan campus locations. From free trials to discounted membership fees options available to students, the company will be giving health and diet counselling sessions as well. Certified professional trainers will be assigned to the gym members.

Calisthenics workouts at PSB

Have you ever heard about calisthenics? It is a new sport trend and can be defined as a set with different physical exercises which use only the weight of body. Instead lifting dumbbells and executing the bodybuilding common exercises focusing only on a specific group of muscles (chest or back trainings for instance), calisthenics involves movements that requires the whole body. In addition to that, calisthenics develops skills such as strength, flexibility, and balance. And now, Sheridan’s students have access to our calisthenics workouts at the PSB fitness centers.

Calisthenics group classes at PSB

Our fitness center will now offer scheduled calisthenics group classes. These classes will take place every Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning at 7am and 7pm on the HMC campus, and every Monday and Wednesday starting at 8am and 8pm on the David Campus. These classes have one hour long.
Many people avoid these types of physical activity due to its intensity but don’t be afraid! Even tough they are more difficult to execute, our instructors will provide the proper orientation and full support during classes. Check it out our calisthenics workouts at PSB fitness.

This is not the only good news. Besides the calisthenics workouts, our instructors Jessie and Matt have learned new CrossFit workouts to teach and improve the overall results of PSB members trainings.

CrossFit classes at Sheridan PSB

CrossFit is a type of high intensity training and consists of a group of exercises with functional movements. These special group classes will take place every Friday 7am at the HMC campus and 7pm at the David Campus with two hours long. Don’t forget to make your registration!

CrossFit workouts adaptation for hypertrophy

But why CrossFit trainings should be interesting to us? Some CrossFit workouts can be combined with our bodybuilding training routines, enhancing the quality of physical program, and helping us to achieve our gym objectives faster. Usually, the CrossFit workout requires a lot of strength and conditioning but all the trainings at PSB fitness are adapted in order to promote the well being without harming any gym member. We are proud of our respect and integrity with our customers and for following the safety guidelines.

Now is the time to make your registration! Don’t forget to apply for our rewards program too!

Do you want to see our previous workouts and special schedule group trainings?

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