Pricey Gym in the town

PSB Fitness Training Club               PSB Gym – Affordable gyms for good health and wealth.


Affordable gyms helps to maintain a balance to your money and wealth so give a chance to PSB.

(Importance of healthy diet)

Affordable gyms
Affordable gyms
  • In PSB gym we believe that health is the greatest gift that one can give to someone. During a survey it was found that mostly the age ranges from 20-29 are facing obesity that basically include students so do not worry we are here to help you out as PSB are affordable gyms for everyone.
  •  we maintain a affordable gym which provide opportunity for everyone to raise their health.
  • People get good advice from gym experts or trainers related their  diet and moreover they gets tips to raise  their  lifestyle.
  • In compare to other gyms because it has best training and affordability to each and every person.
  • PSB gyms also provide diet plans for individuals who are not able to choose what to eat.
  • Why this a best option for students? ( Benefits and cheap rates)
  • when a student wants to join a gym, the first thing that came in mind is whether they can afford it or not PSB because some people have less income so they have to manage it along. So here is PSB gym.
  • Students have good choice of reasonable rates which clearly define its affordable gym.
  • PSB gyms also provide student card which helps student for some discounts.
  • Students also gets time management schedule which  will help them to focus on studies and exercises too because if they do not manage it they may face loss of studies.
  • International students are most welcome with many benefits as they manage their studies and work along so they are well served by PSB gyms.
Affordable gyms price chart
provide you list of subscription to choose
1 Month trial starting at                         – $5
full year subscription at                         – $200
Benefits  to students.



During a survey it was found mostly international students face more health issues like article showing health issue in students











PSB is a multifunctional fitness facility which is available in Sheridan College . This is a gym which helps the college students and college alumni to stay fit. The main attraction of this multifunctional fitness gym facility is that all the services are present under one roof. The services which this place offers are Yoga classes, Zumba classes, gym cardio room, weight room, pool, squash area, table tennis, lawn tennis. This also motivates the students to stay active on their social media platforms as they provide different kind of discount coupons and giveaways by their trained professional trainers.

Official Site for more information

Professional Trainer

2.       What are the special offers available to the customers of the PSB Fitness?

There are main different offers given to the Students of the PSB as they will get trained gym coaches and will get 1 on 1 attention. All the things are provided under one roof of Sheridan. They will be different giveaways for the student if they will follow them on Instagram and they will win lifetime membership for this facility, or they can win different gift cards. The club will  provide free diet chart to all the Instagram followers every week. This will help the customers to get fit.

Yoga Classes
Online Yoga
New vegetarian Caesar salad in the PSB Fitness canteen
Diet chart


3.       Some special offers to only the first 100 Instagram Followers!

There will some special offers only for the Instagram Followers who comes in the count of first 100 as they will get:

1.       free headphones.

2.       6 months subscription of PSB.

3.       Free meal guidance.

4.       Virtual session access.

5.       24/7 Access to the gym facilities and all services can be used.

6.       Yoga session.

7.       Online session.

picture showing symbol of Sheridan college and name of the website title
PSB Fitness 2021.


For queries contact the Student Centre

At all the location of Sheridan campus.

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PSB Fitness Sports Club

Now, either it is professors or students, everyone can access the PSB Fitness & Sports club a.k.a PSB Fitness at three new locations.

Sheridan College is now providing its students and staff a great environment, PSB Fitness and Sports Club, to keep themselves fit and be ready for the future. This facility is in Brampton, Mississauga, and Oakville. It offers various world-class equipment to exercise with, trained instructors, and other services like providing personal instructor, food supplements, energy drinks, locker room, showers, and yoga classes, And also provide a vibing environment to work on yourselves. This gym is in a convenient location for everyone that anyone can workout at their leisure either they are currently enrolled in Sheridan or are ex-students.

For students who are currently being overwhelmed in their life or want to work out and build some muscles, this gym is the solution to all those problems. The students who are usually free after their work or from their class can pass spend the free time on themselves and can become fit and active. This gym is 24 hrs facilities with proper security, a different section of lockers, and showers for boys and girls, but the personal training can only be for one hour per day.

Swimming pool
Yoga Classes
World-Class Equipment’s and Facilities
Dietary supplements
Lockers room
Showers, etc.

9:00 AM to 10:00 PM (for Boys)
9:00 Am to 9:00 PM (for Girls)
So, hurry up, go out there, and be your best!
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Psb Toronto Recreation Gym

Psb Toronto Recreation Gym
Psb Toronto recreation gym has access to a well-designed, accessible and flexible center. It enables citizens with all physical skills to succeed and enjoy themselves while sharing their commitment to fitness. Psb recreation gym offers a wide variety of body and mind programs.

Studies showed that people who exercise regularly have lower blood pressure. Also, it delays onset of diabetes, reduced rates of heart disease, and increased overall longevity. Exercising helps to boost our immune system and white blood cells.

The benefits of sports complexes create a less stressful mind. Stress has a strong impact on the community as a whole. Studies in both the USA and Australia shows greater resilience to stress and better mental health for people participating in leisure activities.

The pleasure of recreation has a positive effect as well. The results of 23 studies from 1980 were reviewed in the Journal of Happiness Studies. More than 500,000 people have studied that happiness and exercise are correlated (Jumpsix2, 2016).

Yoga helps in managing stress and relaxing body

Why join Psb Toronto Recreation Gym?
• 24/7 open
• Individual Training
• Juice Bar
• Smoothie center

Benefits of healthy living

Wanna Have that Summer Body?
Get a membership now at Psb Toronto Recreation Gym. The gym has gaming center, swimming pool, juice bar and a Cafeteria. playing games like Pokémon Go, CARROT Hunger, Zombies, run!, Atari Fit, Strava GPS, Stridekick and Walkr after exercise not only help cool down body but also relaxes it.

Why a swimming pool?
Swimming not only helps in loosing weight but also, it improve overall health and fitness. Not only that, swimming also gives a phenomenal exercise to a wide assortment of people. People who don’t wanna do much exercise can go for swimming as it is a fun exercise and is both a cardio and strength activity.

Why need a cafeteria?
• After exercising eating healthy food will keep that body in place and having a cafeteria at gym with a juice bar attracts more people. It makes easy for people to do exercise and eat healthy at the same time as they have so many options to choose from.

What makes Psb Gym different from others!
• Having a personal trainer helps to keep you motived and do the exercise in a right way and challenge them to do better. Moreover, fitness coaches can build up an exercise schedule, supper plan, and in general procedure for accomplishing their customers’ objectives. On the off chance that an individual attempts to utilize a piece of exercise center gear the person is new to. They are probably going to have mistaken structure. Lifting loads without appropriate structure is a formula for enduring or genuine wounds.

• A fitness coach can show people the correct structure and right them as they go through the activities, accordingly, diminishing the danger of wounds.

• 24/7 opening a gym makes a huge difference. Numerous clients like to do their stuff from all day, every day gyms since they accept that these gyms have a greater number of advantages than time booked stores. And one of these reasons, these gyms give them sufficient opportunity to exercise without being hurried due to shutting time. Also, individuals can go to these gyms at whenever at whatever point they need to.

• The clearest benefit of an entertainment community is the physical advantage got from actual work. Admittance to a very much planned, open and adaptable utilize focus permits residents of all actual capacities. Recreation gym helps them to accomplish individual triumphs and have a great time, while partaking in the obligation to get fit.

• Also, taking an interest in bunch exercises can help increment attachment among individuals from a local area. Numerous people group entertainment focuses have programs that feature variety and instruct local area individuals.

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ALL-NEW Sheridan Smoothie near Square One

Healthy & trendy – The Muskmelon smoothie.

Muskmelon smoothie ad

Attention Mississauga residents, there’s a fresh new Sheridan Smoothie near Square One! The fascinating new product introduced by PBS Cafe is in fact a smoothie! Introducing the Muskmelon fruit smoothie, your latest excuse to try something new. It’s a great source of vitamin C, and additional beneficial properties to help rejuvenate the skin. What more could you ask for? Here’s where you can get your hands on the trendy item.

Where exactly is the Sheridan smoothie?

Sheridan College:

Introducing Sheridan College, a choice location for post-secondary and continuing education students for many reasons. Firstly, the school’s campus itself is built with a modern design, with plenty of attractive spots to sit by. Currently, Sheridan is adding new facilities via a new building expansion. As a result, this will most definitely make the college campus a soon-to-be greater hotspot.

Where in Sheridan:

Sheridan College HMC Campus
Sheridan College – HMC Campus

The PBS cafe is located on the 1st floor of the Sheridan B-building. You can purchase the trendy smoothie here during operation hours. Specifically, it’s near the bookstore and the main common area. Therefore, the convenience of the location will allow students to stop by between classes and study sessions. Who wouldn’t need a refresher to energize the creative mind? Certainly any student needs to energize themselves to be at their best. Fortunately, the Muskmelon smoothie contains immune system benefits and reduces stress during any time of study.

About 25,000 full-time and 18,000+ continuing and part-time students attend Sheridan College each year. Certainly this may convince you to visit and try the new Sheridan smoothie just outside Square One!

Address: 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5

Contact: (905) 845-9430

Square One Shopping Center:

“Canada’s foremost fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment destination” – Square One
Square One Shopping Center
Square One Shopping Center – Main Entrance

The HMC campus is located right next to the largest shopping mall in Ontario – Square One! Consequentially, this makes it a convenient & exciting place for anybody to be. The mall features an extensive selection of shops including clothing, cosmetic, entertainment facilities. As a result it greatly appeals to young adults and post-secondary students! In addition, there’s also grocery & eatery convenience available inside, with a food court in the center of the mall.

Surely, it sounds like a wonderful a shopping experience! Above all, with it being one of the largest malls in Canada. After all that, surely a unique and flavorful Muskmelon Smoothie would satisfy!

Address: 100 City Centre Dr, Mississauga, ON L5B 2C9

Contact: (905) 270-7023

The Living Arts Center:

The college is also next to the exciting arts building used for creative arts. Additional activities include performance arts, job fairs and more! Furthermore, they have over 400,000 unique visitors each year. So it’s no surprise it’s a big community highlight in the heart of Mississauga.

The Living Arts Centre
The Living Arts CentreThe building has the following:

Inside features the following:

  • A landmark atrium
  • 3 presentation-ready theaters,
  • 7 professional craft studios,
  • An In-house restaurant and  catering operation.

Similarly, the outside features a lovely and welcoming walking area. In addition, there’s a sitting space and a designated area for it’s calming water fountain. In conclusion, it’s a must-see destination!

Address: 4141 Living Arts Dr, Mississauga, ON L5B 4B8

Contact: (905) 306-6000


Mississauga’s center is packed with places to visit, including the Square One shopping mall and tit’s extensive line-up of stores. What about the creative minds of the Living Arts Centre? Let’s not forget the studious Sheridan College! Surely, the heart of Mississauga is your destination place to be!

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affordable muskmelon smoothie

sugar free muskmelon smoothie

Smoothies coupon in Sheridan Mississauga

How a Limited edition toy makes you special


How can a limited edition toy make you special? for that, we have to understand that as time passes the world around us has become a depressing place to live in.

we can see all kinds of bad things happening around us like wars, murders & terrorism.
all of which leads to a large number of people in distress.
Entire nations have been left to starve & millions of kids are orphaned due to the recent world events.

with the integration of social media, it is guaranteed that these events will reach everybody around the globe.
It is made sure that these distressing events reach the eyes and ears of people.


(Children have been the biggest victim, n.d.)


And whenever people look at the posts that have been made in regards to these events.
when people watch videos of children crying and sobbing to the pain of losing their parents.
I can guarantee that there is not a single one of us who doesn’t feel their pain and gets this gut-wrenching urge to do something about it.

sadly, we are not able to do so and various reasons contribute towards this outcome some of them being lack of information on where to donate, lack of information on what to do etc.
with our newest product the cartookies, we offer a solution, a way you can contribute towards the betterment of the society and make a crying kid smile.


A question might arise. while there are plenty of organizations that take donations for this cause, why would you choose PSB café? Why Cartookies?. Let me answer that question, a lot of people have the urge, the fire, the desire to do something but lack the knowledge and the time.


With our newest product the cartookies, we eliminate those roadblocks and bring you all the information and present it right in front of you a way by which you can be a light in the life of children who have nothing but darkness in it.

A person might not go out of their daily routine to inquire about organizations making these donations and donate to them and no one can blame them for that, but a person doesn’t have to go out of their daily routine to buy a cookie. Not only do you buy a delicious cookie but you also make a donation to organizations like UNICEF, make a wish etc.


Limited edition toys

(, n.d.)


But WAIT! There is more. Not only can you satisfy your taste buds, but you can also satisfy your heart.
if that wasn’t enough with our cartookies comes a very special limited edition toy.
these are toys of the most popular and loved cartoons.

A special limited-edition toy of cartoons not only from our time but collectables of famous older cartoons, like The Simpsons, scooby doo, the Flinstones etc. which can only be found at PSB café to make you feel special. And Why Not? You are special. you are special because you have a very special heart. A heart that feels for other people. A heart that feels for others is a noble one.


The world is a very depressing place but it can be filled with love, because of the hearts of people like you.
who want to do something for others. even if the person that receives it does not know that it has come from you, doesn’t know who to thank.
But we know for a fact that their hearts would want to thank you. PSB café thanks you on behalf of them with our special limited-edition toys.

Healthy ketogenic food and drinks at Sheridan College

Healthy ketogenic food and drinks as well as vegan options have finally made their way to Sheridan College. Our generation is more health conscious than ever before, with more and more people choosing vegetarian and vegan alternatives PSB has decided to step up their game by adding ketogenic food & drinks as well as vegan options at a price that won’t add to your OSAP debt.  Ketogenic coffee and healthy food and drinks have made their way to Sheridan College and here is how it can benefit you! Not only are we offering custom benefits catered directly to our customers, but we’ve got an app where you can pre order your drinks and snacks while racking up those points to help save you money.


boost app, application, order ahead, delivery service, ketogenic food and drinks, sheridan college, vegan, pre order, coffee, baked goods, keto, ketogenic, vegan, vegetarian


Insert Boost, an app that allows you to pre-order, pre-pay while offering you freebies and discounts. When you sign up, Boost will send you a code offering your first drink on us! As if that wasn’t enough, for every “share” that leads to a new customer, we’ll send you an additional 10% off. Here at PSB we know how balancing school, work, a social life and eating healthy can be quite the challenge so we have removed some of that stress from you.  On our app you’ll be able to view all of our products (ketogenic friendly food and drinks as well as vegan options) and add them to your favourites. We sync all of our products to Lose It! Calorie Counter to help you hit those daily goals and keep you in ketosis. We also offer expedited preparation if you’re in a pinch for time, as well as you can share your order via the app to your friends to purchase for you, with all your customizations saving them from reciting your order incorrectly.  Also earn points with every purchase and use them towards free goods.  We also have an in-app map helping you locate the cafe if you are ever unsure or in a different section of the campus.


PSB offers a unique advantage here at Sheridan College.  Not only are we priced competitively in our market, we also track our users spending habits and generate unique codes to help save you some of your money.  Lets’ say on Tuesdays you’ve got a full day of classes, and you’re purchasing 3 coffees that day, Boost will see your history and send you a specific

coffee, high end coffee, latte, cappuccino, ketogenic coffee, ketogenic food, ketogenic food and drinks, vegan coffee, vegetarian, almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, black coffee, latte art, coffee art

promotion, whether your 3rd coffee is on us or we offer you 15% off a healthy snack our goal is to keep our interaction with our consumers personal, since you are the most important part of our business.  We also love feedback, and all reviews will be offered a discount code.


Still not fully convinced? PSB café partnered up with Boost will be offering delivery around campus. That means if you’re stuck in an intense study session, you can place your order via BOOST and place your order as well as location (for example, Hazel McCallion A wing class 466) and your order will be delivered outside your classroom.


Follow us below via Instagram and watch our stories to be entered into winning gift cards of up to $500, as well as our twitter for all our upcoming and current promotions.


HMC Campus salad at PSB

HMC campus salad  at PSB

Salad is an organic dish with the mixtures of small pieces of fruits and veggies or dry fruits which is very healthy for everyone.Moreover, Eating salads daily is the most healthiest habit for individuals.Likewise,It is healthy as well as affordable.Furthermore, We are going to launch our new salad bowl at PSB cafeteria in HMC campus.

Healthy salad bowls at HMC campus PSB cafe
Healthy salad bowls at HMC campus PSB cafe

So, Here we are going to introduce Sheridan students about salad bowls made with healthy & organic stuff. Salad is a natural source of fiber. Salad would contain different kind of colors, texture, flavor and and nutritional quality ingredients for a meal. Students will get the nutritional benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables anytime in the Sheridan college Mississauga  campus. Additionally,Sheridan students & faculty can get the salad in different kind of flavors or can choose their own fruits and veggies for their bowls. Ingredients are going to be distinct and neatly cut in texture. In addition,Salad flavors would be well balanced and healthy for students and staff. We would use high quality ingredients for salad . For example:

1.Nuts & Seeds

2.Fresh fruits

3.Fresh veggies

4.Beans and whole grains

Above all, here are toppings and ingredients options for Our new product:


Bowl Veggies:

Lettuce, potatoes, Onions, tomatoes, cucumber, broccoli, spinach, cabbage, Pepper, carrots or other greens.

Bowl Fruits:

cherries, avocados, mixed berries, apples , oranges or other fresh fruits.

Other bowl Toppings:

Dried fruits, corn, bacon, chicken, beans, nuts & seeds, eggs, garlic, cheese, mushrooms or other ingredients.

Salad Dressing options:

Table sauce, ranch, honey, corn oil, salt & pepper, mustard oil, maple syrup, yogurt, coconut cream, mayonnaise


Salads would be typically served at room temperature fruits and veggies. There would be an option for sauce which is used to decorate the salad bowl. Students could choose sauce , oil or vinegar for their bowl. Moreover, Sheridan students & faculty can enjoy discounted salad bowls. We would provide salad in different sizes with different prize so, that Sheridan students and faculty could get salad according to their taste and requirement.Meanwhile, Our this product is going to be freshly made everyday with organic ingredients. This meal is going to be cheap and affordable for every student and faculty members. Moreover, it is the unique meal in Sheridan menu.If you have any question regarding our new product, please visit this site:

Discounted food at HMC

Firstly,Sheridan students and faculty can get their organic and healthy meal at discount. Nextly,We would provide a discount rate of 15% to Sheridan college faculty and students at Mississauga campus.As a result,Only Sheridan members and students could take this advantage of discount on salad bowls.In short, Visit this blog for getting any information for our offers and discounts:

Available at PSB cafe

Sheridan students and even staff can purchase their customized salad bowls at our PSB cafeteria. And even they can get discount by showing their student one card or visit our social sites.In addition, Sheridan cafeteria will provide students fresh and healthy meals inside the campus.Meanwhile,It is the most healthiest and nutritious option for students in your school specially the one, who are very health conscious because they prefer healthy meals rather than fast food.However,We guarantee that we will provide high quality protein and vitamins in our bowl.To sum up,For restaurants location, visit the link below:


Most importantly,You can interact with us through social media as well because it would help you to getting information for our product. Try our new product and provide your reviews on our social sites. Moreover, recommend us new ideas in order to improve our services for you.To conclude, Here are Sheridan’s PSB cafe’s online links for college events :




IN ADDITION,For more information about our healthy Product, visit this blog: ‎

In short,You can enjoy our nutritious meals at HMC campus!








Sheridan OneCard now accepted at new fine-dining Sheridan Salad Bar

OneCard to be accepted at Sheridan PSB- Salad Cafe

Sheridan OneCard Tuna Salad a tasty new addition to Sheridan's restaurant meals.

Sheridan OneCard Salad Initiative

There is a new initiative being launched by Sheridan College in order to expand the student Sheridan OneCard salad platform. PBS Salad bars stands out the most from the new restaurant additions.

PBS Salad bars is an international and highly promising new restaurant. It offers vegetarians and vegans a large array of customization bowls at extremely affordable prices.

Critics have nothing negative to say, Yelp ratings show that the average review is 4.5 stars and Google reviews shows 4.8 stars.

They have staff that provide excellent customer service consistently going over and beyond with their creative inventions and superb recommendations for combinations to try. 

An example of a Mediterranean Sheridan OneCard Salad.

Currently, the OneCard only allows for a limited number of food options for students on campus. There are many restaurants over the three campuses. The most options are on the Trafalgar campus, Davis campus and Oakville respectively.

Whether you’re looking for something quick and healthy to munch while on your way to class or a semi-formal atmosphere to meet with a colleague for a business lunch, you’ll find extremely high quality food at PSB Salad Bar at Sheridan.

PSB Salad & Sheridan OneCard Promotion

For a limited time only, PSB Salad bar is offering Sheridan OneCard holders an extremely generous discount on their meals.

Something to surely make their money worth it. Sheridan’s OneCard is an exclusive mode of payment that covers any employees and students at Sheridan. Using the OneCard at PSB Salad Bar now means that:

  • There is an extra 15% off your meal at the point of purchase, alongside a combo discount
  • There is no additional tax if paying by OneCard
  • If you spend more than 20 dollars on a meal, you have a chance for 50 additional flex dollars to the winner of the draw!

On every Monday there will be a roll up the bowl rim, that gives anyone who orders a Salad a chance at either a free meal or 20 dollars credit to PSB Salad Bar.

This is what a Sheridan OneCard Salad looks like.

The OneCard was traditionally for fitness plans, and student identification. However, a new partnership program with PSB Salad bar has expanded its capabilities and offers more of an advantage to students attending Sheridan. Regardless of campus, the OneCard holds its power at any of this vendor’s locations. 

OneCard is super easy to navigate, simply show your card or tap on special RFID scanners and your discount will be automatically applied! There is no need to even go in person to reload your card. You can simply go online and fill it up with an auto reload option. 



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Affordable salads in Sheridan college


Affordable salads in Sheridan college

Eating plates of mixed greens is a super-advantageous approach to work in two or three servings of vegetables and additionally organic product at an affordable price in Sheridan college. Green plates of mixed greens are on the menu of pretty much every eatery. You can even purchase a side serving of mixed greens (with Romaine lettuce, carrots and tomatoes, accessible with without fat or decreased calorie plate of mixed greens dressing) for a buck at many inexpensive food chains nowadays. Furthermore, you can make a green serving of mixed greens at home in a short time, furnished with a sack of pre-washed plate of mixed greens, a couple of carrots or different veggies, and a jug of light plate of mixed greens dressing.

Garden salads use a base of leafy greens such as lettuce, arugula/rocket, kale or spinach; they are common enough that the word salad alone often refers specifically to garden salads. Other types include bean salad, Greek salad (vegetable-based, but without leafy greens), and sōmen salad (a noodle-based salad). The sauce used to flavor a salad is commonly called a salad dressing.

The price range is very affordable, specially for students and faculty members. The basic range starts from $5 +taxes and goes upto $18.99 + taxes. The best and most affordable out of the menu is below $1o which our team is expecting to be the most ordered variety out of the whole menu. Normally the great base plates of mixed greens start around $8 or $10, however fabricate your own, and it can rapidly costs upward of $15. What’s more, that is not in any event, calculating in the expense of a tip when we’re overwhelmed and select to get it conveyed. On the off chance that you burn through $15 on lunch five days every week, you’re spending nearly $4,000 before the year’s over. Also, it turns out, you can make a large number of them for directly around $5 a serving. That is not exactly 50% of what we’re as of now spending, in addition to you’ll feel like a complete hotshot for preparing your lunch. Sounds like a success, win to us. The $18.99 deal allows you to enter a buffet which is pretty much expensive but the best option out of all.

The serving of mixed salads will be sold at the Cafeteria in the B Wing of the grounds. The cafeteria is near the bookstore.The cafeteria in Davis additionally offers Pizza, a snappy self help Tim Hortons and other nourishment alternatives. All understudies, staffs and guests are free to sit and eat at the cafeteria. Understudies, staff and guests can enter the grounds from the fundamental structure and on the off chance that they advance down and turn right, the cafeteria is there allowed to get to. There a great deal of tables to sit at to make the most of your supper.


Sheridan Davis campus Cafeteria:

Mon-Thurs 11am-6:30pm
Fri 11am-4pm

The Sheridan HMC campus is about a 30 minute bus ride and a 14 minute car drive to the Sheridan Davis campus. Both campuses are fairly close to each other and so customers have an option to either eat the salad buffet option in either HMC or Davis to whatever their liking.

Sheridan Hazel McCallion Campus

Address- 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5

Contact-  (905) 845-9430


Sheridan Davis Campus

Address- 7899 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9

Contact- (905) 459-7533


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