Worldly clash bowling in Mississauga

Welcome to PSB worldly clash lanes   WHO WE ARE At psb cultural clash lanes we offer a different experience of bowling right here on the campus! Our Multicultural Bowling Alley offers students and adults a refreshing escape from studies and work, providing a vibrant and culturally enriching environment. Students can enjoy the diverse themes … Continue reading Worldly clash bowling in Mississauga

24 hour gym Mississauga

WELCOME TO OUR FITNESS CLUB About us: In our center we offer a great customer service for students who are looking to maintain a good healthy body shape and lifestyle. Our gyms provide customers with all amenities and  services. We have two locations one in Mississauga and Brampton. Also we provide a exclusive deals and promotions  for … Continue reading 24 hour gym Mississauga

PSB Fitness, Ease of Access!

Going to the gym might become a hassle. Having to balance your classes, your job, as well as travelling to get your daily exercise. With PSB Fitness, the gym is just seconds away from your classes! Built into the campus are the gyms that you can get your daily exercise in, without the hassle of … Continue reading PSB Fitness, Ease of Access!

Affordable PSB Fitness Center near you

  About us:The Affordable PSB Fitness Center Near you.Firstly, we Provides something new to students and teachers. Secondly, if you are experiencing Exam anxiety? therefore, Join the PSB Fitness Club, where individully  offer the best services and training programmes supervised by our professional trainers. Therefore you can  start doing everything from hard exercises to peaceful yoga … Continue reading Affordable PSB Fitness Center near you