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About us:

In our center we offer a great customer service for students who are looking to maintain a good healthy body shape and lifestyle. Our gyms provide customers with all amenities and  services. We have two locations one in Mississauga and Brampton. Also we provide a exclusive deals and promotions  for our Sheridan student. Most of the students needs support and clear negative energy, so we provide student friendly prices.

Why Our Gym?

*We are 24/7 gym steps away from the campus. 

*Our machines are new and we care allot about cleaning and sanitizing for safety reasons.

 *Our competitive student plans.

Our Equipment:

We Provide all kind of equipment

Our Prices:

Our Promotions:

Students who get their friends to join us will get 1 free premium month.

25% Discount to new Sheridan college students.

Also check our  Cardio and Indoor Climbing

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Our Locations

4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5

Contact Us:

Phone: (905) 845-9430

Or visit us at Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

PSB Fitness, Ease of Access!

Going to the gym might become a hassle. Having to balance your classes, your job, as well as travelling to get your daily exercise. With PSB Fitness, the gym is just seconds away from your classes! Built into the campus are the gyms that you can get your daily exercise in, without the hassle of having to travel to different places! We offer everything that is needed for a full workout, so no need to pay all the extra fees for different gym! Just come to PSB Fitness and start your workout journey today.

With the latest, and brand new equipment, there is everything you’ll ever need. Equipment gets serviced regularly at the end of each week to make sure everyone stays safe while reaching their goals.

PSB Fitness services

Need a toned physique? Muscle gain? Effortless weight-loss plans? Or even if relaxation is what you’re looking for, we’ve got it all!

-Cardio Sessions
Here at PSB Fitness, we provide energy-fueled cardiovascular sessions to not only help you reach your desired weight and body shape but, most importantly, leave the gym with a positive mindset to take on whatever the world has in store.

-Massaging services
I know studying and working can get stressful but don’t worry, with one Massage session, not only will relaxation take over, but muscle soreness, stiff joints will be put to rest by the best Massage therapists in the area!


“The body is willing, but the mind won’t follow.” A quote that couldn’t be more true. However, by implementing yoga regularly in your lifestyle, you’ll be unlocking paths in your mind that you never knew existed. A foggy mindset can derail goals, life plans and ambitions, and a 45 minute Yoga session on a regular basis will help you take control of the most powerful tool of all, the mind.

With all those exceptional services, exceptional prices for your comfort are unmatchable! Don’t believe it? Well, take a look.
$49.99 monthly, all services are included.
$39.99 monthly, is the base price
$9.99 daily, all services are included.
Personal trainers have extra costs

Cardio and Indoor Climbing at PSB

A fact is that to work out help to maintain a healthy body and keep you away from doctor’s office and, another fact is that working-out reduce stress and burn negative energies in your body. All students suffer from mental health during their studies and sometimes they struggle to achieve success but, PSB Fitness has a solution for each of these problems. PSB offers Cardio and Indoor climbing for all people who want to live longer.

PSB Fitness

PSB Fitness is a new business in the industry located in Mississauga and Brampton cities inside Sheridan College campuses. PSB Fitness offers different services for people who want to maintain a healthy and beautiful body. PSB Fitness provides different services such as cardio, massaging, yoga, spa, and sports activities. PSB Fitness is focused on well being of its customers and has explored an indoor climbing wall for all people who love climbing. In addition, our fitness has developed new products for people who need to eat healthy and build muscles.

A bunch of cardio services are offered at PSB Fitness

Indoor Climbing sample

Cardio is one of the service which PSB Fitness pays more attention because, it is directly related to the stress. Cardio service include many services such as riding a bicycle, running and indoor climbing which is considered cardio feature nowadays. Our indoor climbing is the best cardio service that PSB offers. It is a 15 meters wall that you have to climb which is not easy but, based on our customers feedbacks this exercise reduces around ten lb of your weight in first two weeks. Moreover, it reduces stress and it is a good exercise if you have decided to build some muscles. Our trained instructors will advice and offer you a full training for this service. For more information visit our social medias or click here.

Workout in our beautiful nature

Workout in Nature

PSB has thought for people who want to workout in nature to set up a special day do exercise in nature on Fridays. This service will be offered only on summer season and will be followed by our trained instructors. It will not include any additional fee and first day will be free for all Sheridan’s students who want to join. For more additional how this class will work click here

PSB Fitness Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes reduce stress

Yoga classes are those classes where people come and join mostly. They throw out of their buddies all negative energies and start seeing things from a different point of view. The reason is because our yoga class reduce stress in maximum. Many student see yoga class as a key success to get high scores in the exams and the reason is simple ‘less stress’. PSB offers five different schedules for yoga classes started from morning 8am to evening 9pm in order to give an opportunity to all of those who want to attend. Morning classes are offered mostly for all genders and ethnicities ;however, if you need a special accommodation PSB has always a solution for you. If you are interested for more information click here .

Collaboration with Best Dietologists makes PSB to offer an Advance Diet for Customers

Eat healthy live longer

A fact is that many people suffer from obesity in North America continent because of the food that consume. PSB has decided to give its contribution and to create healthy diets. These diets are made in cooperation with the dietologists ,and contain healthy foods based on your blood category. These diets are offered for free if you are part of our big PSB community. For more additional information click here or visit us in social medias.