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About us:

In our center we offer a great customer service for students who are looking to maintain a good healthy body shape and lifestyle. Our gyms provide customers with all amenities and  services. We have two locations one in Mississauga and Brampton. Also we provide a exclusive deals and promotions  for our Sheridan student. Most of the students needs support and clear negative energy, so we provide student friendly prices.

Why Our Gym?

*We are 24/7 gym steps away from the campus. 

*Our machines are new and we care allot about cleaning and sanitizing for safety reasons.

 *Our competitive student plans.

Our Equipment:

We Provide all kind of equipment

Our Prices:

Our Promotions:

Students who get their friends to join us will get 1 free premium month.

25% Discount to new Sheridan college students.

Also check our  Cardio and Indoor Climbing

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Our Locations

4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5

Contact Us:

Phone: (905) 845-9430

Or visit us at Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

PSB Fitness, Ease of Access!

Going to the gym might become a hassle. Having to balance your classes, your job, as well as travelling to get your daily exercise. With PSB Fitness, the gym is just seconds away from your classes! Built into the campus are the gyms that you can get your daily exercise in, without the hassle of having to travel to different places! We offer everything that is needed for a full workout, so no need to pay all the extra fees for different gym! Just come to PSB Fitness and start your workout journey today.

With the latest, and brand new equipment, there is everything you’ll ever need. Equipment gets serviced regularly at the end of each week to make sure everyone stays safe while reaching their goals.

Accessing Group Activities in PSB Fitness Club

We are here to take care of your health

Wealth used to be considered as how much money earned; However, it is considered if you are healthy. Our fitness club, PSB Fitness Club, is a professional fitness providing a number of service to our customers to stay healthy. Therefore, we encourage and welcome you to be one of us. Now we are opening in Sheridan college at HMC campus and Brampton campus. Therefore, we are looking forward student coming by our locations, having a tour in our gyms, and trying our PSB group activities. There are a lot of  benefits of work out. For instance, making your body in a good shape, maintain a healthy body, in addition, it helps you reducing your study pressure.

We are waiting for you to PSB Fitness Club! 

Accessing Group Activities

As a member in PSB Fitness, we provide multiple activities and exercises to take care of members' health and safety.  

These are the professional and most value activities we provide for our members: 

-Sherpa’s Breath Pro & K2 Personal Training

-Members have unlimited access to group trainings

-K2 Group Members have access to 2 Group Activities

PSB group activities are beneficial for you if you are working out constantly. Above all, these activities make you become healthy. 

Professional training activities (online classes)

Firstly, Sherpa methods from Himalaya to improve physical resiliency and condition. Secondly,K2 group training, strength & cardio equipment, extreme cardio exercise which some exercises were designed and developed by founder. In addition, professional advice of workout steps to help customer burn calories and improve physical resiliency.

PSB Group Activities

Members have unlimited access to group trainings. What we have are:

  1. Sherpa’s Breath Pro 
  2. Group calories smash (Intensive running, bicycling, boxing, and dancing) - Firstly, We are scheduling different training activities every day. Each training class is leaded by a professional trainer to make sure our members can work out efficiently. Secondly, Different exercises will be in different rooms. In short, Calories Smash is a program for members to intensively burn calories together! Intensive running, bicycling, boxing, and dancing which are the most popular and effective activities for weight management!     
  3. Group stretching - After that, members must feel tired. In order to avoid muscular soreness, we should do stretching. Therefore, we have hired body stretching trainers to teach our member how to stretch muscle after intensive work-out. Feel free to ask any questions to them.
  4. More activities are coming soon

Membership programs:

Our plans:

Mauna Kea Membership: $45 Initiation Fee, $39.99 (Monthly)

K2 Group Training: $45 Initiation Fee, $59.99 (Monthly)

K2 Personal Training: $45 Initiation Fee, $79.99 (Monthly)

Sherpa Breath-Pro: $45 Initiation Fee, $129.99 (Monthly)

Additional promotions: 

1 Month Free for 8 Month Membership

  • Free Mobile App
  • Free Training Handbook (PDF)
  • 24 Hours Activity and Nutrition Tracking by Mobile App
  • Daily Exercise Report by Mobile App
  • 20% Discount for Family Members
  • 15% Discount for Additional Personal Training Requests
  • 15% Discount for Additional Nutritionist Support
  •  $50 PSB Vitamin Bar Coupon for referral (at least 8 month membership)
Why you should join us? 

In Conclusion, there is a number of benefits doing  physical activities. For example, reducing risks of diseases, providing better health, and make your become and remain positive. In other word, it is not too late to join us, and you do not need to worry about anything because we will provide a free body exam for each customer and providing friendly and professional suggestions to you to develop you body! 

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PSB Fitness Center Grand Opening is Sheridan HMC & Davis

Now it’s here we are opening the first ever Gyms in Sheridan college campuses and we are proudly to present that PSB is here for you!

PSB will be here for you to:

lose weight
gain muscle
Increase your stamina
Training for professional sports
have more confidence
be a better version of yourself
And so much more…

In Addition PSB strive to give you a better eating and training habits and to have a better Quality of life.
PSB offers:

• Personal Training.
• Weight Training.
• Daily Fitness Classes.
• Time Management.
• Diet Nutrition.
• Virtual On Demand Classes.
• Hot Yoga.
• Premium Equipment.

At Home
• Personal Training.
• On-Demand Classes.
• At-Home Workout And Exercises.
• Recipes And Nutrition Content.
• Daily Live Stream Classes And Workouts.

Tips and Tricks to get the most out of your workout/ Diet Plan.
As you settle into an active lifestyle, Above all you will want to learn which fitness routine it will give you the most energy and the best results and PSB will be here for you and help you make that happen.
Why you should join PSB fitness:

• $0 Joining Fees.
• No Commitment, no regrets.
• Cancel Anytime.
• 1 Hour On-Boarding Session Per Adult With A Personal Trainer.
• $25 Spa Credit.
• Digital Featuring Apple Fitness+.
• Nutritional Discounts.
• Social Events.
• Unlimited Small Group Training.


Sheridan College Davis 7899 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9
Sheridan College HMC 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5

Become A Member
Talk To Our Team
416 845 9406 – Monday to Friday 9 a.m to 5 p.m
Or Send Us An Email

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PSB Gym in Sheridan

PSB in Sheridan
In todays time people have become more conscious and caring about what they eat and how much they eat because They want to keep themselves fit and healthy but sometimes they don’t get enough guidance and training to get their desired body because of some lacks in their nutrition and equipment. PSB Gym in Sheridan understands our audience to service them in a better way. PSB Gyms in Sheridan aims to serve people by fulfilling their needs.

What is PSB and its goal?
PSB is fitness Gym that is opened at two locations within the Sheridan college campuses at Brampton and Mississauga.
Our goal is to help people who want to stay fit and healthy in their life by provide them products and services at easily accessible locations.
Our Gym provides various products and services to customers according to their needs. Furthermore, we have various membership plans that may fit in customers budget and preferences.

Cost of Plans:
Bronze for $15/ month
Gold for $30/month
Diamond for $40/ month

Most importantly, we offer our customers freedom to personalize their membership plans. They can pay additional charges for a service they want to include.

There is one thing that makes us different from our competitors and that is our service to provide snacks, drinks and workout meal because we believe that in a hectic and busy schedule people forget to complete their daily nutritional requirement and may feel dizzy or low in between or after the workouts. Therefore, our meals may help to boost your energy and complete the dietary needs.
chicken Salad

Our two main locations.
PSB Gym in Sheridan
Sheridan College, Davis Campus, building J
7899 McLaughlin rd, Brampton, L6Y5H9
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PSB Gym in Sheridan
Sheridan College, HMC campus, building A
4180 York Boulevard, Mississauga, L5BOGB
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Contact us:


A gym which is available 24*7, all luxurious facilities under roof all this coming under affordable prices. Seems like a dream, right? But PSB Fitness going to bring to all this in your area. So, from now on no excuses must be made to get up and work on your body without causing a hole in your pocket.Trainer helping student






After this pandemic making a huge impact on everyone lives, left people with no choice just to stay at home and give up on all the activities they love to do including fitness as well. PSB Fitness is going to help people to do what they love in affordable prices and with extra fun activities. The motive is to get people going without thinking of how much they going to spend on it.


With a lot of competitors in the market, it is really difficult to stand out in the market and that’s what PSB Fitness is trying to do by providing the numerous number of high class facilities but that’s not it because PRICE is the question that will be popping in the customers head because of the experiences they had with other fitness clubs in the market. But in our case, we are not only thinking of our students and staff members infact people who wants to join PSB Fitness will get great deals so that they won’t feel left out.Fitness at Sheridan College


The pricing structure is probably what fascinates the most to the customers:


(General members)

Pool, Yoga studio, Sauna, General workout, Cycling studio $55+Taxes/ Monthly

(General members)

General workout, Sauna $35+Taxes/Monthly


Pool, Yoga studio, Sauna, General workout, Cycling studio $25+Taxes/Monthly


Pool, Yoga studio, Sauna, General workout, Cycling studio + Personal Trainer $95+Taxes/Monthly

The question now will be coming what makes our pricing different? So, if you will ever look for all these facilities under one roof it will be way expensive, and people will agree with the fact that personal training cost way more than $120/Bi-weekly. It’s not even comparing ourselves with others, the facilities and price we offer itself speaks for PSB Fitness and why it gives a best option for all the people to be a part of this community whose motive is to put our customers in front and help them through whatever everyone is going through.


If you think PSB Fitness is a place where you want to come and be yourself. We are located at two locations:


HMC CAMPUS (Mississauga)

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24×7 PSB Digital Fitness

New 24×7 PSB Digital Fitness App

doing  workout with the help of PSB digital fitness app
Hi, Sheridan Bruins,
I know we all are going through lots of stuff in our lives and busy in assignments, classes, and in work. Even have no time to relax as well as to do things of our interest. Here is a good news for the Sheridan students who are fitness freaks along with love to do recreational activities. Also, Some of you are already familiar with PSB Fitness but if you are not then don’t worry. Let’s Firstly know what is PSB Fitness and 24×7 PSB Digital Fitness App.

Logo of PSB Fitness
What is PSB Fitness?
The PSB Fitness operates in the Fitness industry and was invented by two PSB Graduates of Sheridan college. The motive of these two students is to offer new facilities for the Sheridan students who love to try various new activities and sports in their life. Moreover, some of the activities are mostly related to the program in which students are enrolled.

Do you know PSB Fitness is offering a Digital Service?
The PSB fitness is having a physical location in Davis campus in Brampton and HMC campus in Mississauga and offer all facilities under one roof but after doing survey and understanding the needs as well as changing people perceptions of fitness, the PSB Fitness decided to start a 24×7 Digital service for convenience purpose. The PSB Fitness is offering 24×7 digital service to the Sheridan Students who are fitness freaks and love to do recreational activities. you must know benefits of digital fitness for that visit Digital Fitness
Nowadays, everybody is going through a lot of things in their lives because they are having a hectic schedule and sometimes have no time to take care of themselves and go to fitness clubs. PSB Fitness is offering 24×7 digital service to them, so that they can access it from anywhere.

About PSB Fitness App

This picture is showing the symbol of the PSB Fitness App for easy access to App
PSB Digital,2020

The PSB Fitness launched an app called PSB Fitness App which solve all your problems regarding health. As we all know staying mentally strong is as much important of being physically active. This app will help you to achieve the fitness level you want to get starting from basic to hardcore trainings. There are different kind of exercises you can do at home. This app will also help you to build your daily exercise routine.
Features of App
1. The app has a special feature of calorie counter which will count your calories
2. There will be a meal planner
3. Smartphone app to track your calories burned and workouts
4. 50+ yoga exercises along with their detailed description
“if these features excited you, then grab your mobile and download it from play store”

Is it hard to access PSB Fitness App?
There is a famous proverb, “Nothing will work unless you do” which tells that we must have eagerness and passion to try something new. Similarly, access to PSB Fitness Digitally is not difficult until we are willing to do it, you can easily do it from any device such as smartphone and laptop. You will only need your student center number to access it. For further information regarding Digital access to PSB Fitness App and premiums visit THREE.PSB Digital

Services at PSB Fitness
Mostly all Fitness clubs are offering similar services but their way of providing them is totally different. As we all know that the exercise works only when you get best guidance and advice and the PSB Fitness is having well certified trainers who understand the needs of customers very well. there are some new services which only PSB is providing, so let’s have a glimpse of some of them.

1. Aerobic classes: Aerobics is the most famous form of physical exercise which deals with stretching and strength training and helps in building flexibility, cardio-vascular fitness, and muscular strength. The PSB fitness is offering various Aerobic exercises such as a dance aerobics class, step aerobics in gym and water aerobics.

2. Workshops: the PSB Fitness is offering some fun activities such as group games and quizzes regarding fitness in which PSB is giving some gifts and free counseling to the winners.

3. Nutrition advice: Along with health and fitness services, PSB will also provide nutrition and diet plans to its members. As along with exercise, a proper diet also matters, and the diet should not include steroids and supplements. So, to help its members to achieve their goals PSB will deliver health friendly nutrition plans for both non vegetarians and vegetarians.

Furthermore, PSB is based on the principle of “tell not to sell” means a healthy nutrition diet will be suggested which will build up your strength. undoubtedly, PSB Fitness is strictly against the use of supplements and steroids which are harmful and destroy the inner strength of the body.
In addition, visit Sheridan PSB Fitness Services to know more about services in details given by PSB Fitness.

Find out more
“Never limit yourself”, if you want to know more about the 24×7 Digital PSB Fitness program then you must visit PSB official website. Even so, in order to stay updated follow PSB Fitness on Instagram, Facebook, and twitter. If you have any questions and query, then visit our official website.
We are always there for you.