The best spot to hangout at Sheridan HMC Campus!

Location, location, location is a key convenience when deciding on picking a restaurant to go to. Especially when you’re a student with no car and can be in a rush at times. The PSB Café is conveniently located right on Sheridan HMC campus. This is such a key benefit provided for, a Sheridan business student who attends class here. As there are a multitude of reasons this can make it an ease to the student eye. From, if you want to grab a quick drink before you attend your lecture. To enjoying fresh beverages hanging out with your student peers, or even studying together.

With the launch of our new product of Duo-Flavor Bubble Tea. This will be a great time to stop by on your class break, or even before and after your classes. We want our Sheridan campus community to come in at whatever hour soaking in the atmosphere of our café. Enjoying it with who ever they are with, as they indulge on our food and beverage offerings. As we took a look into what new offering we wanted to add to our menu. We noticed the fast, trendy rise of this new Asian cultural drink of Bubble Tea. As we already have such a diverse community at Sheridan college. We feel adding this to the PSB Café menu with our own spin to it. Would be a neat and new refreshing delight to enjoy on your own time at HMC campus.

To add, please check out our website and social media for new promotions that will be only available for Sheridan students and facility. Add and follow us, at the PSB Café on our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As there will soon be new promotions offering you discounts on our new Duo-Flavor Bubble Tea. Plus, new combo deals with the purchase of a Bubble Tea served with a food item. Come on by and try this new fresh drink, that will be available to buy at the PSB Café!




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