PSB Fitness Center Grand Opening is Sheridan HMC & Davis

Now it’s here we are opening the first ever Gyms in Sheridan college campuses and we are proudly to present that PSB is here for you! PSB will be here for you to: lose weight gain muscle Increase your stamina Training for professional sports have more confidence be a better version of yourself And so … Continue reading PSB Fitness Center Grand Opening is Sheridan HMC & Davis

PSB Gym in Sheridan

PSB in Sheridan In todays time people have become more conscious and caring about what they eat and how much they eat because They want to keep themselves fit and healthy but sometimes they don’t get enough guidance and training to get their desired body because of some lacks in their nutrition and equipment. PSB … Continue reading PSB Gym in Sheridan

Women workout at Sheridan PSB

Under the Sheridan PSB gym various sources of workout facilities specifically for women's are provided by trainers at Sheridan college. They develop a personalized training program that fits body, lifestyle and suits the budget. It also provides us with the facility of VIRTUAL TRAINING where trainers Train the way we want with 30-day standard programs, … Continue reading Women workout at Sheridan PSB