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PSB Fitness’ new exclusive student membership includes free workout classes daily and access to amenities in Mississauga nearby Square One.

PSB Fitness is happy to offer Sheridan College students access to free classes offered in our fitness club. With an ever-growing list of activities to do in a group workout including: 

  • yoga
  • breathwork
  • cross fit
  • kick boxing
  • cycling
  • guided cardio
  • various dance styles
  • body-part specific guided workouts using no weights offered 5 days a week twice a day 
  • many more to be discovered on our scheduling page

Learn more about our inclusive student membership benefits here.

Our knowledgeable staff is happy to help with all things related to fitness, diet, and the PSB facilities.

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PSB Fitness’ exclusive student membership also includes various amenities with full access to our facility’s spaces:

The Fitness Areas 

Offers lots of room for plenty of guest with a gym floor that offers workout machines, free weights, open spaces with yoga mats, private room and studios.
gym area student fitness amenities mississauga

The Change Rooms 

Allows for locker access, private changing stalls, bathrooms with private showers and dressing tables that have provided hairdryers, towels and other personal care items complimentary. Additionally there is a Spa and Sauna in both the male and female changing rooms to allow for muscle relaxation and to sweat out the bodies toxins.
Change room amenities

The Mississauga Café 

Allows for fresh healthy snack options while at the fitness club. With a wide range of plant-based options on the menu, from smoothies, to shakes, to salads, to wraps, or even just a free refill of water at our hydration station! Additionally there is a lounge for students to use freely to study, eat, refresh, and socialize.
Cafe student amenities

Our goal is to provide a safe, welcoming space for a community of like-minded individuals to form where we can support one another as we reach our personal fitness goals. With the proper guidance from trained instructors, we encourage everyone to try new things and step out of their comfort zones to discover new ways to move and workout. PSB Fitness is a tight knit gathering place nearby to your academic requirements that provides everything you need for an intense workout yet a comfortable atmosphere. Our amenities cover everything you need to get your workout into your busy schedule allowing a space to reach your fitness goals, clean up, grab a bite and head to or from classes. Try out our new and exclusive PSB Fitness Student Membership for the best student fitness amenities in Mississauga.

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About us:

Fitness gym Mississauga provides outstanding customer services for students and learners who want to keep themselves fit and want to adapt healthier lifestyle. We strive to create healthier living for the students. Our gym is conveniently place in Mississauga’s heart. Currently we have two sites, one is in campus in Mississauga and second is in Brampton.  A fact is that to work out help to maintain a healthy body and keep you away from doctor’s office and, another fact is that working-out reduce stress and burn negative energies in your body. All students suffer from mental health during their studies and sometimes they struggle to achieve success but, PSB Fitness has a solution for each of these problems. PSB offers Cardio and Indoor climbing for all people who want to live longer.

Our Club facilitates you in many ways:

  • it makes strong our body as well as our mind.
  • it makes the perfect shape of you body.
  • it helps you to make fit and be a part of different Athletics
Fitness at Sheridan College

Gym Equipment:

Almost all kind of equipment are available… 

Price list:

price tag
  • Teachers and students can get special discount on membership. 


The first 30 members will get 50% discount on every month and get some extra like gym bags, PT sessions, meals plans etc.



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Sheridan college HMC.

Contact us:

If you have any query, contact us on: (905)2342-2343

OR visit our office at Monday to Friday   

From 9am to 5pm.