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We offer a large array of digital marketing services. Our prices are competitive and suitable for all budgets. We help you build a service package that meets your marketing needs! We are affordable and experienced. 

  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Ads
  • Remarketing Campaign
  • Website Maintenance 
  • Email Marketing
  • And More!  

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We are focused on creating a marketing experience that fits the unique needs of each customers. We specialize in working with small businesses. We have experience in creating digital marketing plans for small businesses that brings great results. 

We understand that each business needs different results from their digital marketing efforts which is why we offer custom service packages. This allows you to achieve the results you need while not spending extra on services you do not need. 

You get the results you need while staying in your budget!

Testimonials From Our Customers

“Working with them was stress and hassle free. I have many customers finding use through our social media” – Notting Hill Pet Store

“Our social media interactions are up and we have new customers” – The Dog Shop

“ We were scared to go through an agency in order to solve our digital marketing problems but this agency made it so easy and affordable” – Pet Stores

“We were able to increase our sales while staying in our marketing budget” – New Tree Pet Store


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The Local SEO Agency for Pet Stores in Mississauga

The Local SEO Agency for Pet Stores in Mississauga

Your #1 Digital Marketing & SEO Partner.

Have you always wondered why your website performance keeps failing? Are you tired of seeing your ranking so low? Are you struggling with conversions?  Don’t worry, we heard it all! Let the experts take a look! Our trusted team at PSB Digital Agency specializes in all things SEO related from keyword research and link building to website and SEO content development. We will make sure your website and brand reach their full potential!  

Here to Deliver Transformative Solutions to Every Pet Lover and Ally

Our furry friends play a huge role in every household. At PSB Digital Agency we are a creative-driven and modern team based in Mississauga that is dedicated to creating value and long-term growth for small and large pet stores. We help you boost your online presence and elevate your website optimization with our customize SEO implementation plans and solutions. Our team is passionate about pets and the industry as a whole. With that in mind, we capitalize on the growing trends and use our insights and findings to craft the perfect approach for your business and ensure you get the right message across to your target audience. 

Optimizing your Website the Right Way

Why is Search Engine Optimization Important for your Pet Store? 

Over the years, households are expanding their family and are welcoming more pets into their lives. Pets have played an integrated part in our community and have been considered companions for many individuals. With this in mind, companies are taking these growing trends into consideration and are capitalizing on the loyalty and strong bonds these consumers have with their pets. In fact, the pet market is experiencing an increase in revenue growth because people are investing more time and resources in their pets and are willing to spend their disposable income on nutritional treats, chew toys, animal supplies and many more. Learn more about the Pet Industry here.  

With this in mind, it is important to stay on top of trends and remain competitive in the pet market. SEO helps pet owners and lovers to find the best possible product/service for their specific needs at their convenience. For that reason, prioritizing your SEO and optimizing your website ranking, this will help establish your brand and ensure that visitors click your website before your competitors. Also, having engaging and user-friendly content on your website will create a seamless experience for the visitor.  

Interested to learn more about the benefits of SEO for pet stores. Feel free to check out this insightful article.

Why Choose Us

PSB Digital Agency prides itself on delivering accurate and valuable results for both large and small-scale businesses. At PSB Digital Agency, we prioritize our client’s needs and help them reach their goals by offering a variety of services at their disposal. For instance, we utilize organic SEO assistance and consulting, technical SEO strategies and conversion rate strategies to help increase your search engine ranking on SERP, attract more qualified leads and increase traffic to your site. When it comes to keyword research and website SEO, we follow Google’s latest standards and search trends to ensure your website remains competitive.  

SEO & Analytics  

Our team uses advanced built-in analytical tools and SEO software technology such as AgencyAnalytics, AccuRanker, or to improve organic search ranking and traffic. While also conduct our own research on the industry and consumer trends to incorporate into our execution plan and help you adapt to the fast-changing market. Working with us, we will continuously provide progress updates and recommend strategic suggestions so that every client is aware throughout every step of the way.  

On-Page and Off-Page SEO 

When it comes to website development, we will ensure that your website functions smoothly and effectively both internally and externally. Our team will work hard in creating an optimizable website that aligns with your vision and objectives. We are committed to making sure the website content uses targeted keywords, SEO-approved links and URLs and compelling visual content and elements so that you attract the desired audience. Moreover, from an off-page perspective, we will work on building your website visibility through the use of link building, content creation and marketing strategies such as social media, content syndication platforms and more. This will ensure that it is in alignment with the searcher’s intentions and expectations and increase exposure on your website. 

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“PSB Digital Agency has been the ideal SEO marketing agency for me. They have provided exceptional support for my company. Their SEO techniques and ideas have made a tremendous impact on my website performance by increasing my conversion rate by 63% and gaining over 300 new customers. Thank you, PSB Digital Agency for all your efforts and hard work. It has been a pleasure working with you and I will definitely be recommending your agency!”


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If you want to dive deeper into our business model and our impact on the pet store marketing space. PSB Digital Agency has provided an accessible marketing guide at no extra cost. This document contains information on how to create an effective digital marketing plan, how to niche down your product/services and building a brand reputation online.

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