Loyalty program and student discount PSB Cafe

Students Save at PSB Cafe

PSB Cafe Student DiscountPSB Cafe understands the challenges students face. and our goal is to make things simple for you by making sure we assist students in managing their finances while also satisfying their cravings and giving them the best coffee experience as possible. That’s why we have designed the PSB CAFE LOYALTY PROGRAM, an understanding initiative to deal with your needs. By becoming a member, you will gain access to a wide variety of benefits, including exclusive discounts, reward points for every purchase, special promotions, and unique membership perks. Through this program we will be able to ensure that you not only receive delicious food, beverages and COFFEE beverages, but also enjoy of the significant savings you will get.

By signing up for our membership, you’ll stay informed and updated about our latest promotions, ensuring that you never miss out on any opportunities to save money or try new offerings. Our loyalty program is designed to enhance your overall experience at our cafe, making it even more enjoyable and rewarding.

PSB Cafe Coffee Loyalty ProgramWe encourage you to make the most of these offerings and take advantage of the benefits available to you. Our cafe is more than just a place to eat; it aims to provide an immersive experience that goes beyond tasting the coffee delights. Offering a cozy environment with a friendly staff, we created an atmosphere that we hope you’ll find welcoming and comfortable. We want you to taste not just the splendorous flavours but also enjoy the moments spent at PSB Cafe. So come on in, relax, and indulge in a delightful coffee dining experience!

Our Bundlings

Our bundling options are designed to provide you with incredible savings. We understand that sometimes your cravings extend beyond just a cup of coffee, but the tight budget can make it difficult to indulge. However, at PSB, we prioritize your needs and wish to offer the best possible way to satisfy them.

With our bundle options, you can unlock a lot of benefits. If you wish to bundle your coffee with any other delectable food item on our menu, you will be delighted to know that it will only cost you an additional dollar. As a result, you will not only save money, but also feel completely satisfied, knowing that you have received the best value for your money. This innovative approach to bundling represents a remarkable opportunity for you to save money and enjoy more. We want to ensure that you have the opportunity to enjoy all the offerings and exceptional deals we have in store for you, regardless of your budget. Through our budget-friendly bundling options, we make our carefully curated selection of food and beverages even more accessible and enjoyable for you.

Our new bundling options are waiting for you, so come on in and find out what they can do for you. Give us a try and we’ll satisfy your appetite and wallet with a flavourful, value-packed, and satisfying experience. As a PSB customer, you can expect the highest level of culinary delight, all while keeping your financial well-being in mind. Join us today and unlock a world of affordable indulgence that you truly deserve.

Loyalty Program at PSB Cafe

With our Loyalty Program, with every purchase you make at our café we will make sure that you make the most of every dollar you spend. For every purchase you make, you will earn points.

Moreover, our Loyalty Program offers you the option to convert your reward points into cash points. This exciting feature provides flexibility, granting you the ability to use your points whenever you want. If you’re looking to enjoy a cozy cup of coffee, a dessert, or just have a good time with friends, your converted cash points will help you you to satisfy these goals without constraints.

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PSB Fitness Center Grand Opening is Sheridan HMC & Davis

Now it’s here we are opening the first ever Gyms in Sheridan college campuses and we are proudly to present that PSB is here for you!

PSB will be here for you to:

lose weight
gain muscle
Increase your stamina
Training for professional sports
have more confidence
be a better version of yourself
And so much more…

In Addition PSB strive to give you a better eating and training habits and to have a better Quality of life.
PSB offers:

• Personal Training.
• Weight Training.
• Daily Fitness Classes.
• Time Management.
• Diet Nutrition.
• Virtual On Demand Classes.
• Hot Yoga.
• Premium Equipment.

At Home
• Personal Training.
• On-Demand Classes.
• At-Home Workout And Exercises.
• Recipes And Nutrition Content.
• Daily Live Stream Classes And Workouts.

Tips and Tricks to get the most out of your workout/ Diet Plan.
As you settle into an active lifestyle, Above all you will want to learn which fitness routine it will give you the most energy and the best results and PSB will be here for you and help you make that happen.
Why you should join PSB fitness:

• $0 Joining Fees.
• No Commitment, no regrets.
• Cancel Anytime.
• 1 Hour On-Boarding Session Per Adult With A Personal Trainer.
• $25 Spa Credit.
• Digital Featuring Apple Fitness+.
• Nutritional Discounts.
• Social Events.
• Unlimited Small Group Training.


Sheridan College Davis 7899 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9
Sheridan College HMC 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5

Become A Member
Talk To Our Team
416 845 9406 – Monday to Friday 9 a.m to 5 p.m
Or Send Us An Email

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Affordable Ketogenic Beverages at PSB Cafe

 Ketogenic Coffee at PSB Café

Published By: Eman Bushra

Release Date: 03-09-2020

About us:

PSB Café first opened in 2011 at the HMC campus of Sheridan College. For the past 9 years, PSB café has been providing students with high-quality food items such as Pizza Pizza, international cuisines, sushi, burgers, hot sandwiches and pre-packaged items if you’re on the go. As well as Tim Hortons Express, different flavoured fresh juices, drinks and water.


Introduction of Ketogenic Coffee at PSB Café:

This year, PSB Café will be introducing their ketogenic coffee beverages. As health concerns are rising amongst people, Sheridan College has decided to offer Ketogenic drinks for students. Ketogenic Coffee usually contains fats that are added to it and usually, butter or coconut oil is used.  PSB café is not only focusing on the health benefits, but they will also be providing the coffee with various vegan options and at a very reasonable price. PSB café will be having a lot of different promotional activities for students to introduce them to the Ketogenic drinks. They will be having a buy one get free offers etc. however, This blog will solely focus on informing students about the benefits of PSB providing their ketogenic coffee at an affordable price.

Ketogenic Coffee

Ketogenic coffee price points.

PSB café will be providing Ketogenic coffee with low carbohydrate, vegan options (almond, coconut milk) etc. as well as different coffee flavours. PSB wants to provide good quality healthy drinks for students. Keeping this in mind, PSB will be offering their coffee at the following price ranges-

– Small cup- $4.95

– Medium- $5.55

– Large- $6.65

Students will also be allowed to customize their drinks based on their own preferences. The prices will differ based on the flavouring or vegan products being used. PSB will also be allowing students to be able to “Size up” their drinks, that is if a student decides to buy a small cup of coffee, for an additional 50¢ they can get a medium cup or size up from a medium to a large for a dollar. Also, if they pay for a small coffee but buy anything else from the café (pizza, muffin etc) they can get a medium coffee for the price of a small or if they pay for a medium then they can get an upgrade to a large.

price selecting process-

Student studying while drinking coffee

While choosing the price, PSB café kept in mind the expenses of an average college student. PSB understands that students have to pay high tuition fees for college students especially as Sheridan College has a lot of international students from all around the world.

In addition, students were asked what prices they would be willing to pay for the Ketogenic coffee and based on the results we choose the prices mentioned above. This study also showed that  70% of consumers say they’re willing to pay a premium for food products in the natural, ethical, enhanced or “less of…” categories, according to “Consumer Health Claims 3.0: The Next Generation of Mindful Food Consumption,”   (refrigeratedfrozenfood, 2018)

Also, PSB café compared the prices of their coffee with some of the other competitors providing similar products. Some of the brands that we compared our prices with were “NATURA MARKET”, their average price for their coffee is $10 (naturamarket.ca, 2020), “Greenhouse” provides a small Ketolatté for $7 (greenhouse, 2020) and “GNC” provides the coffee mix for $19.99 (gnc.com, 2020). Based on the research it was very clear for PSB café to provide their Ketogenic coffee at a reasonable price point.

We want students to understand that by providing our coffee at a lower price point, we are trying to make it affordable for all our customers and want our customers to stay healthy. This does not mean that the quality of our coffee is any less than our competitor’s coffee. PSB café will be using freshly brew high-quality coffee beans and good quality flavours and milk products.

Did you know, by visiting our website you can get 15% off on your first purchase on any Ketogenic Coffee flavours? To learn more, click here- two.psbdigital.ca






gnc.com. (2020). RAPID FIRE™ KETO COFFEE. Retrieved from https://www.gnc.com/coffees-creamers-hydration/rapidfireKetoCoffee.html?cgid=coffees-creamers-hydration#start=1

greenhouse. (2020). Ketolatté. Retrieved from https://www.greenhouse.ca/products/ketolatte-on?variant=31225795969109

naturamarket.ca. (2020). Ketogenic. Retrieved from https://naturamarket.ca/values/ketogenic.html

refrigeratedfrozenfood. (2018). Study quantifies how much more consumers willing to pay for healthy food. Retrieved from https://www.refrigeratedfrozenfood.com/articles/95858-study-quantifies-how-much-more-consumers-willing-to-pay-for-healthy-food


Split Cup Bubble Tea in Mississauga and Brampton

In the past few years, there’s been an explosion in bubble tea shops popping up in several regions over the world. While the rise of bubble tea originated in Asia, it has become one of the most popular and fastest growing segments in the coffee and tea category. To the delight of bubble tea lovers, the beloved drink has now evolved and is available in split cup design. As good things come in pairs, PSB Café is now offering the split cup bubble tea in Mississauga and Brampton that allows boba tea addicts to enjoy two different tea flavors with endless toppings at once 😍😆. More than that, the PSB Café’s stores are conveniently located at both Sheridan College’s Mississauga and Brampton Campuses.

Bubble Tea with Split Cup Design

How to Order

For those who have never ordered bubble tea before, start by selecting two tea flavors, this will serve as the main component. Next, decide if you’d like the tea hot or cold. Sweetness level will vary based on personal preferences, choose 50% sweetness to be sensible. For a cold tea selections, you can have less or normal amount of ice. Lastly, a personal favorite, topping selection! You can choose from a range of toppings such as tapioca pearls, aloe, grass jelly etc. Topping additions and combinations can be endless. If all this sounds a little daunting, PSB Café has a “Top 5” split cup combinations which are certain to be a crowd pleaser.

What’s The Difference Between Single and Split Cup

Ordering a split cup adds a new dimension and experience to enjoying bubble tea. Having the ability to order two very different cups at the same time for a marginal price increase allows bubble tea enthusiasts and those who are new to bubble tea to experiment with vastly different teas and topping combinations. For couples or two friends who like to share their drinks, it allows them to sample two tea flavor profiles. If each person orders their own split cup, they can each enjoy 4 distinct bubble tea flavors in one outing.

Advantages vs. Disadvantages of The Split Cup Bubble Tea?


  • Create two customized drinks at once to suit your unique taste
  • A split cup can be shared with a friend without actually sharing directly
  • The split cup design feature prevents mixing of flavors. Mixing two teas which are in contrast to each other can lessen their appeal and reduce the customer’s overall satisfaction and experience


  • The split cup is slightly less in volume compared to a single cup of bubble tea
  • Cost per unit is much more expensive than if you were to order 1 bubble tea. A regular drink for example is $4.99 at 16 ounces. The split cup is $4.99 for 7 ounces plus an additional $1 for the second 7 ounces. Thus, you’re pay in total $5.99 for 14 oz.
  • The wait time is twice as long in comparison to single portion bubble tea. The barista needs time to prepare two separate and different bubble tea servingsSplit Cup Bubble Tea at PSB Café

PSB Café’s Split Cup Bubble Tea Is A Must Try

If you’re craving two flavors of combinations, but only want a single portion, PSB Café split cup bubble tea is a must try. For individuals who are new to bubble tea, the split cup is the best two-for-one sensation. With comfortable and cozy stores at both Brampton and Mississauga campuses, students and the general public can rest assured that consistency, quality of ingredients and service levels of the split cup bubble tea will be nearly identical. As PSB Café is conveniently located on campus and within walking distance, there is no need to hop on public transit, drive, or use a food app to experience the next global foodie and Insta-worthy trend in bubble tea. Moreover, PSB Café also offers several discounts exclusively for Sheridan students. Get your #SplitCupBubbleTea today at PSB Café! 😊

PSB cafe – the best bubble tea location in Mississauga with unlimited offers

Check out PSB cafe, best bubble tea location in Mississauga with unlimited offers

It’s breezy, take it easy with our drinks and unlimited offers tea:liciously at PSB cafe!!

PSB café – a flourishing tea tree results from loving care located in Mississauga and Brampton, cultivating and harvesting finest tea leaves by the tea farmers.  PSB brings you the tradition of Taiwanese beverage blending in with the Western culture, allowing customers to experience the ambiance of PSB bubble tea and many more beverage items.

Spring Special!!

Get you rewards on every sip

First of all, at PSB cafe Rewards Program powered by Snappy program you can earn 1 point on 1 drink you have ordered from us so with 10 points you can receive 1 drink for free with limited options and you can also choose one of your favorite toppings. Similarly, this promotion is currently available at HMC and David Campus only and we often have many more special promotions, contests and givaways going on on our Instagram and Facebook so make sure to follow us.

Also, receive your 10% off discount when paying with your Sheridan student card

At PSB café, you can discover extensive range of drinks and toppings. When you paying for your order you will receive 10% off on your order when you show our staffs your student ID, limited time offer only from Monday to Thursday, for Sheridan students, and currently only available in HMC and David Campus only.

Check out our latest seasonal drinks in large size for only 3.80$

Try out our lastest Spring Special drinks in large size for only 3.80$ each, limited time only from March 1, 2020 to April 30, 2020.

Monday: 2 Ladies

Tuesday: Bubble Gaga

Wednesday: Sago Taro Milk Tea

Thursday: Brown Sugar Pearl Latte

Friday: Pearl Roasted Milk Tea

Saturday: Lemon King

Sunday: Strawberry Black Tea Macchiato.

Even more, enjoy your free topping when you purchase a drink at PSB cafe

Limited time only from Monday to Thursday every 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm, only 1 topping on every 1 drink you have ordered, this promotion is only applied for Sheridan students and only available at Sheridan College HMC campus and David Campus.



We specialize in coffees, tea and juices with the commitments to quality are fresh, natural and make sure to deliver the richness  taste to customers. With a variety options of drinks and toppings, we ensure to continuously on our development of new drinks, guarantee there’s always a drink for everyone.

Keep in touch with us

There are many reasons PSB cafe is the best spot for you, check out our latest post about PSB as one of the best spot to study and relax and more of our new ideas such as launching our new product – duo cup / split cup milk tea. Get your #SplitCupBubbleTea today at PSB Café!


Most importantly, we will ensure to continuously update our products along with many more upcoming promotions and contests, so make sure to keep in touch with us on all of our social media platforms as well as give us some feedback on our products and services in order to help us deliver the best products and services to you, as your thoughts and opinions about us are very important.

Therefore, don’t forget to follow, like, and comment on our social media posts to keep in touch with our latest giveaways and contests with many gifts you can get such as free drinks, free meals and many more.


Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/psb2digital/

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/PSB2Digital/

Twitter link: https://twitter.com/psb2digital

Website: https://two.psbdigital.ca/psb-subscription/

Inexpensive Breakfast Bowls Sheridan College Mississauga

Inexpensive Breakfast Bowls Sheridan College Mississauga

Psb cafe makes an inexpensive breakfast bowls Sheridan college Mississauga also located at Sheridan college Davis campus in Brampton. This is the best breakfast option for the busy students or professors trying to make it to class on time. Not to mention still eating a healthy breakfast to fuel the rest of your day.

The PSB cafe breakfast bowls menu options have delicious themed bowls! With the added bonus that they won’t break the bank! The most inexpensive breakfast bowls are our vegetarian and vegan options. The vegetarian and vegan options are also great nutritional value for first meal of your day. Many studies have made links between a plant-based diet and lower all-cause mortality as well as cardiovascular diseases check out this article on plant-based diet effects on the human body and brain. Starting your day off with inexpensive breakfast bowls Sheridan College Mississauga is the best way of fueling your body for success.

Not to mention the super convenient PSB cafe app where you can pre-order your bowl. You can also build your own custom bowls with all the nutritional info you need on our app. With all that info it makes it convenient to meet your health and fitness goals!

Some of PSB’s inexpensive plant-based breakfast bowls:

The Hipster Bowl – avocados, eggs, HavaInexpensive breakfast bowl Sheridan college Mississaugarti cheese on a 3 grain oatmeal.


The Green Thumb Bowl – spinach, artichoke, vegan cheese, breakfast grains.


The Crete Island Bowl – Greek yogurt, thyme infused honey and seasonal berries


All of the inexpensive breakfast bowls Sheridan college Mississauga are under $15.00. They’re truly the best way to start your day off. Our menu isn’t limited to just plant based  bowls either! Check out our healthy high protein bowl options too.

With the inexpensive breakfast bowls Sheridan college Mississauga psb cafe has to offer don’t look anywhere else for your morning meal. Packed with your choice of delicious healthy grains. You can add our seasonal fruit mixes that are only the best for each of the seasons! Don’t forget you can get the basic bowls for the best deal!

Our basic inexpensive breakfast bowls include continental style breakfast bowl starting at just $6.00 and you can add anything you’d like for small add on prices! We also have a classic British breakfast bowl that starts at $8.00 . However, you can add any of our add on’s for small additional prices. These prices truly can’t be beat for a filling, hearty and healthy breakfast option on Sheridan campus.

Match  Your Lifestyle:

The Breakfast bowls can match your diet, your decisions on how you live your life and they’re cheap for people on a budget. Besides what if you’re in class early most days of the week. Also don’t feel bad if you can’t make a breakfast before you leave the house and enjoy a healthy inexpensive option right on campus. You could even order your breakfast bowl before you jump in your car to head to school. Let us know the time you want it made for and we’ll have it hot and ready right when you get here! You can’t get much more convenient than that.

Most importantly if you want to have a breakfast every day of the week you have a class we’ve got you covered, and it won’t break the bank. Treat yourself on a Friday to one of our epic bowls for $15. Go for a cheaper plant based bowl the rest of the days of the week for $6.00 to $12.00 plus any add on’s you’d like to make it your own.

Come check out PSB Cafe:

PSB cafe has so many options to choose from, why limit yourself to a boring breakfast running out the door to make it to class on time? Treat yourself to a delicious  and affordable plant- based breakfast bowl today at PSB cafe!

Don’t delay enjoy a breakfast bowl at PSB cafe today!








What is Ketogenic?

It is 2020 and the craze for Ketogenic Coffee, better yet Ketogenic ANYTHING has been the main dietary trend for all people in different shapes and sizes; mainly for those who are trying to stay fit and lose weight.

But what is a Ketogenic diet you must say? A Ketogenic diet usually consists of high fatty foods but very low carbohydrate intake so that your body essentially goes into a ketosis stage which is a stage where your body recognizes all the fat that you’re eating and at the same time burns it.

Where can I find tasty Ketogenic Coffee?

For Sheridan students finding this treat would not be a hard task!

PSB Café is located at all 3 campuses including the Trafalgar and Davis campus and offers an extensive variety of Ketogenic beverages such as coffee, coolers, and many more!

PSB Café Ketogenic coffee includes:

  • Vegan Options such as non dairy milk alternatives like Coconut Milk, Almond Milk, Soy Milk and many more.
  • Coffees, Teas, & Smoothies
  • Weight Loss, Helps Concentration, reduces heart problems, lessen your hunger appetite (Full Longer), may improve acne, Lower your Cholesterol
  • Fatty Acids Oils (Omega 3): Cocoa Butter, Coconut oils, Walnut oil, Hazelnut Oils, Heavy Cream, Peanut, Almond Butter, Pistachios, Macadamia, Avocado
  • Very Low in Carbohydrates
  • Affordable Prices S- $3.95/ Medium $4.55/ Large $5.65

Why should I buy this Ketogenic coffee/product?

This product is beneficial to most people who has specific dietary needs. It allows people to take a hold of their eating habits and optimize it for the better. These Ketogenic beverages that PSB Cafe offers does not only allow you to stay healthy and fit but to it will also allow you to enjoy and appreciate the product you are buying because it is simply delicious. Our product is friendly to all whether you are lactose intolerant or practice Veganism we have all the options for you!

Find Us on…

Our Website

Generally speaking, Sheridan students can always find us through the website at www.psbcafe.com/ketobeverages/. Provides students with frequently Q&A, product updates, the latest promotions and events occurring at the campus.

Social Media


Meanwhile, follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see our posts on how we serve our Keto beverages. Students get promotion codes on their purchases as well. Make sure to watch our life stories on Instagram. Students will be automatically entered for a chance to win a $500 gift card.


To consider all student’s contests, the student must like, comment and share a post of their Keto purchase. Don’t forget to add the hashtags: either “#ketoatpsb” or “#ketosheridan.  PSB café advertises well nutritious Keto beverages contain a good source of protein and low in carbohydrates. For those who are health conscious and students who may be on a conservative diet.