HMC Campus salad at PSB

HMC campus salad  at PSB

Salad is an organic dish with the mixtures of small pieces of fruits and veggies or dry fruits which is very healthy for everyone.Moreover, Eating salads daily is the most healthiest habit for individuals.Likewise,It is healthy as well as affordable.Furthermore, We are going to launch our new salad bowl at PSB cafeteria in HMC campus.

Healthy salad bowls at HMC campus PSB cafe
Healthy salad bowls at HMC campus PSB cafe

So, Here we are going to introduce Sheridan students about salad bowls made with healthy & organic stuff. Salad is a natural source of fiber. Salad would contain different kind of colors, texture, flavor and and nutritional quality ingredients for a meal. Students will get the nutritional benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables anytime in the Sheridan college Mississauga  campus. Additionally,Sheridan students & faculty can get the salad in different kind of flavors or can choose their own fruits and veggies for their bowls. Ingredients are going to be distinct and neatly cut in texture. In addition,Salad flavors would be well balanced and healthy for students and staff. We would use high quality ingredients for salad . For example:

1.Nuts & Seeds

2.Fresh fruits

3.Fresh veggies

4.Beans and whole grains

Above all, here are toppings and ingredients options for Our new product:


Bowl Veggies:

Lettuce, potatoes, Onions, tomatoes, cucumber, broccoli, spinach, cabbage, Pepper, carrots or other greens.

Bowl Fruits:

cherries, avocados, mixed berries, apples , oranges or other fresh fruits.

Other bowl Toppings:

Dried fruits, corn, bacon, chicken, beans, nuts & seeds, eggs, garlic, cheese, mushrooms or other ingredients.

Salad Dressing options:

Table sauce, ranch, honey, corn oil, salt & pepper, mustard oil, maple syrup, yogurt, coconut cream, mayonnaise


Salads would be typically served at room temperature fruits and veggies. There would be an option for sauce which is used to decorate the salad bowl. Students could choose sauce , oil or vinegar for their bowl. Moreover, Sheridan students & faculty can enjoy discounted salad bowls. We would provide salad in different sizes with different prize so, that Sheridan students and faculty could get salad according to their taste and requirement.Meanwhile, Our this product is going to be freshly made everyday with organic ingredients. This meal is going to be cheap and affordable for every student and faculty members. Moreover, it is the unique meal in Sheridan menu.If you have any question regarding our new product, please visit this site:

Discounted food at HMC

Firstly,Sheridan students and faculty can get their organic and healthy meal at discount. Nextly,We would provide a discount rate of 15% to Sheridan college faculty and students at Mississauga campus.As a result,Only Sheridan members and students could take this advantage of discount on salad bowls.In short, Visit this blog for getting any information for our offers and discounts:

Available at PSB cafe

Sheridan students and even staff can purchase their customized salad bowls at our PSB cafeteria. And even they can get discount by showing their student one card or visit our social sites.In addition, Sheridan cafeteria will provide students fresh and healthy meals inside the campus.Meanwhile,It is the most healthiest and nutritious option for students in your school specially the one, who are very health conscious because they prefer healthy meals rather than fast food.However,We guarantee that we will provide high quality protein and vitamins in our bowl.To sum up,For restaurants location, visit the link below:


Most importantly,You can interact with us through social media as well because it would help you to getting information for our product. Try our new product and provide your reviews on our social sites. Moreover, recommend us new ideas in order to improve our services for you.To conclude, Here are Sheridan’s PSB cafe’s online links for college events :




IN ADDITION,For more information about our healthy Product, visit this blog: ‎

In short,You can enjoy our nutritious meals at HMC campus!








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