Sheridan’s Cafe at HMC campus

Published By: Heather Hackett// Release Date: 03-09-2020

New Location: Sheridan’s Cafe at HMC campus

Where Can I Order?

Sheridan’s Cafe at HMC Campus on all 3 campuses, including the Trafalgar and Davis campus. Sheridan coffee bar offers students pre-ordering. Pre-ordering is now available on the Boost app.

Sheridan Mobile App

Find PSB café at the Sheridan Mobile app, its available on Google store or app store for free download. Then, Students are able to navigate us using “campus maps” to help guide you in the right direction of meeting your designation. Overall, the app is ideal for students who have trouble navigating places on campus.

Sheridan's Cafe at HMC campusSheridan's Cafe at HMC CampusSheridan's Cafe at HMC Campus

How does it work?

1.  First, select your campus and click on a specific building to view the floor maps.

2. Next, you can use the search button to find food and services on campus. The place will be pinpointed on the campus and floor maps under the destination tab.

3. Make sure your location is ON when using the app on your device. In order to use the compass button to activate the “Where am I” feature.

4. Then your current location will be pinpointed on the map and periodically updated as you walk.

How can I make a payment?

Students are permitted to use student card registered under meal plan, credit or debit are also accepted as a payment at PSB café.

About Boost App

App Features

1. Easy & Convenient – Order ahead from locations right on campus.

2. Freshly Prepared Food – Enjoy food from all your favorite brands, made fresh to order.

3. Exclusive Promotions – Receive freebies and discounts, when you download the Boost app.

Sheridan's Cafe at HMC Campus

The Boost app allows students to order ahead on the favorite places on campuses, you can customize your meals, snacks & drinks.  Not to mention, students can pay with their student card, credit or debit card. Plus, students can choose a scheduled time to pick up their orders.

Find Us on…

Our Website

Generally speaking, Sheridan students can always find us through the website at Provides students with frequently Q&A, product updates, the latest promotions and events occurring at the campus.

Social Media

Meanwhile, follow us on Instagram & Twitter, to see our posts on how we serve our Keto beverages. Students get promotion codes on their purchases as well. Make sure to watch our life stories on Instagram. Students will be automatically entered for a chance to win a $500 gift card.

To consider all student’s contests, the student must like, comment and share a post of their Keto purchase. Don’t forget to add the hashtags,  either “#ketoboost” or “#ketosheridan.  PSB café advertises well nutritious keto beverages contain a good source of protein and low in carbs. For those who are health conscious and students who may be on a conservative diet.

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