Cozy and Comfortable bubble tea cafe at Sheridan college Mississauga

Cozy and Comfortable bubble tea cafe at Sheridan college Mississauga

Looking for a cafe with comfortable seating at Sheridan College to study?

Especially at Sheridan College, students are looking for a cafe with cozy and comfortable seating. Nowadays students are all over campus trying to find the perfect spot to get their projects and assignments are done. Either alone or with their friends. They probably have an unconscious checklist that helps them find the perfect spot, I know I do. This small checklist looks something like this.

Study spot checklist:

  • Comfortable seating
  • Cozy atmosphere
  • Group seating
  • Individual seating
  • Drink/ food shop nearby

Why do they look for these options?

Comfortable Seating

First of all, comfortable seating should be a must in any place that requires seating, so if your cafe doesn’t have comfortable seating then something’s wrong. The reason students need comfortable seating is that if they’re studying, they are most likely going to sit for a couple of hours. Lucky for you PSB Cafe has the most comfortable seating you can ask for.

Cozy and Comfortable Bubble Tea Cafe

Cozy Atmosphere

How about that cozy atmosphere? Mhm, this is the mood creator. Modern-day students are searching for that perfect, cozy atmosphere where they can comfortably drink their favorite drinks and get some work done. In fact, PSB Cafe’s atmosphere fits that perfectly as we have a cozy and comfortable cafe with bubble tea, right at Sheridan College Mississauga! Our bubble tea even has a duo cup feature!


Need to study with a big group? Or do you need to study alone? Either way, a good study area should have seating that accommodates both. PSB Cafe has spacious seating that allows for groups to work together and also for students to grind some assignments out on their own.

We mentioned it before but a huge necessity for students when studying is a nearby food/drink shop. When you’re working hard, your appetite grows and there has to be a shop nearby that can satisfy the cravings.

Drink / Food Nearby

All that studying and working creates an appetite. However, there are certain things that students prefer when they need to get work done. A full meal will most likely make them tired and they’ll need some downtime before they get back to work. However, a small delicious snack or drink will get them energized. They can snack and work at the same time. Thus, the PSB Cafe is perfect for studying. We got many different snacks and our new duo cup bubble tea will definitely hit the spot! Also, throughout the semester, you’ll find yourself buying a lot of drinks and that’s why we want to reward you. Our cafe has a rewards program where you can earn points for every drink purchased and you can redeem them for more drinks!

If you got some time, check out this article with the benefits of bubble tea!

And there you have it! Finding the perfect study spot is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. If you go to Sheridan College, just by reading this article, your study spot checklist is easily completed by the PSB Cafe. To sum it up for you, we got everything you need:

  • Comfortable Seating: Check!
  • Cozy Atmosphere: Check!
  • Group & Solo Seating: Check!
  • Food and drinks: Check!

If you’re still not sold on the PSB Cafe’s new bubble tea check out these links and you’ll definitely be interested! We got affordable pricing and more on location benefits 🙂

Visit our cafe today to get your studying done while relaxing in our ever-so-comfortable seating. With the addition of our new bubble tea, you won’t regret it!


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