Sheridan OneCard now accepted at new fine-dining Sheridan Salad Bar

OneCard to be accepted at Sheridan PSB- Salad Cafe

Sheridan OneCard Tuna Salad a tasty new addition to Sheridan's restaurant meals.

Sheridan OneCard Salad Initiative

There is a new initiative being launched by Sheridan College in order to expand the student Sheridan OneCard salad platform. PBS Salad bars stands out the most from the new restaurant additions.

PBS Salad bars is an international and highly promising new restaurant. It offers vegetarians and vegans a large array of customization bowls at extremely affordable prices.

Critics have nothing negative to say, Yelp ratings show that the average review is 4.5 stars and Google reviews shows 4.8 stars.

They have staff that provide excellent customer service consistently going over and beyond with their creative inventions and superb recommendations for combinations to try. 

An example of a Mediterranean Sheridan OneCard Salad.

Currently, the OneCard only allows for a limited number of food options for students on campus. There are many restaurants over the three campuses. The most options are on the Trafalgar campus, Davis campus and Oakville respectively.

Whether you’re looking for something quick and healthy to munch while on your way to class or a semi-formal atmosphere to meet with a colleague for a business lunch, you’ll find extremely high quality food at PSB Salad Bar at Sheridan.

PSB Salad & Sheridan OneCard Promotion

For a limited time only, PSB Salad bar is offering Sheridan OneCard holders an extremely generous discount on their meals.

Something to surely make their money worth it. Sheridan’s OneCard is an exclusive mode of payment that covers any employees and students at Sheridan. Using the OneCard at PSB Salad Bar now means that:

  • There is an extra 15% off your meal at the point of purchase, alongside a combo discount
  • There is no additional tax if paying by OneCard
  • If you spend more than 20 dollars on a meal, you have a chance for 50 additional flex dollars to the winner of the draw!

On every Monday there will be a roll up the bowl rim, that gives anyone who orders a Salad a chance at either a free meal or 20 dollars credit to PSB Salad Bar.

This is what a Sheridan OneCard Salad looks like.

The OneCard was traditionally for fitness plans, and student identification. However, a new partnership program with PSB Salad bar has expanded its capabilities and offers more of an advantage to students attending Sheridan. Regardless of campus, the OneCard holds its power at any of this vendor’s locations. 

OneCard is super easy to navigate, simply show your card or tap on special RFID scanners and your discount will be automatically applied! There is no need to even go in person to reload your card. You can simply go online and fill it up with an auto reload option. 



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Social Media Discounts for Students

Social Media Following and Discounts 


Social Media Discounts for Students


Eat for Less Students! Receive social media discounts!

Eating healthy and staying fit is now the latest trend for everyone. Eating healthy is just as important as physical exercise, with not having many options at Sheridan College we at PSB cafe have decided to come out with salad bowls. Not only have we created a healthy option for our Sheridan students, but now just by following the socials, you can eat for less! In light of that, PSB cafe has now introduced to Sheridan students with social media discounts.

By following our social media you can earn a 5% off on any salad bowls at PSB cafe

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  • Check out our site for more information:

Salad Bowls and Media

Each social media follow will receive you a 5% off your meal only once. Meaning that if you follow our Instagram you will receive that 5% off but the catch with that is you can use this follow discount once at each location. Thus, allowing you to get 5% off three times through each media platform. Following the accounts will keep you updated on new salad bowls! Always stay in the loop with our social media! Promo codes will be shown to you through our story posts. Make sure to always be updated! You can take the promo codes and show it to your cashier and receive your discount! What a great way for social media to give discounts to students to help them with their finances.

Other ways you can receive gifts or discounts is by:

  1. Sign up for our email promo codes
  2. Look at Tv’s in Sheridan Halls to see what events will be hosted at PSB cafe (participating in these events you can receive gift cards, discounts and many other prizes)

Giveaways and Prizes

Throughout our social media posts, you as active Sheridan students will be able to win many prizes and get all the latest news about what is going on in the cafe. Such as our events, we will be having a bunch of poetry nights, karaoke night, have some student Ted talks. Some of the prizes that we will be giving out to our active social media users are a pair for Airpods, a three-night stay in Toronto and then our big prize is a round trip to Brazil for Carnival. All these prizes will only be given to the most active users that follow all of our social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We will be having a big giveaway on the opening of our cafe which will be the best way to come out and show your Sheridan pride, the prize includes a $50 gift card and Sheridan swag bag.

Social media for students to receive a discount is the best way to always be in the loop with PSB cafe. To receive any of these discounts check us out at any Sheridan campus! Above all make sure to follow us and show your Sheridan pride by eating healthy and organic food only at PSB cafe.

PSB Cafe and You

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