Sheridan salad bowl discounted at 15%.

Sheridan salad bowl discounted at 15%.

Sheridan Food discounted at 15%

The true currency of life is time but not money. So we have all got a limited stock of that. What if you could buy a Sheridan salad bowl discounted at 15% in the PSB cafeteria?!! We guarantee it saves time for quick and long decision makers, that could better be spent on your studies.

Additionally, buying salad ingredients in bulk can be expensive. It can also be even wasteful as the ingredients can spoil quickly.

Worry Less! The PSB Cafe  now has customizable salad bowls. With the lack of lunch options available on campus, these will cater to a large variety of student and faculty needs and promote healthy diets at the same time.

These includes (vegan, keto, low calorie, paleo etc). These are at an affordable price. People with dietary restrictions would not have to worry about heavily modifying their bowls. Making it an inconvenience for the worker will be less because of the ability of the customer to create their own salad bowls, and our customizable salad bowls range from $5-$10 depending on the more food sources you add to your specialized bowls and the size bowl you choices. We decided to put our salads $10 and under to attract regular cafeteria consumers and get them to save money. We care about customer acquisition. The PSB Cafe is the best choice for cost-conscious buyers on campus. 

PSB Onecard salad bowl 15% discount great debut deals!

Take advantage of your Sheridan onecard salad bowl discounted at 15% on your first salad purchase. This allows you to get a exclusive discount off the regular price. So this can be used as a pre-budgeting method for your lunches. You never have to fumble with loose change. Never wonder if using that five-dollar bill for lunch means you can’t take public transit home that evening.

By purchasing the PSB’s customizable bowls at Sheridan, you can carry pride in the fact that you’re supporting your school and community,and  saving money and eating healthy. We boast product competition with outside companies. Our prices and special deals are one of a kind and mostly suits the student budget. 

If you keep using the Sheridan OneCard to purchase your bowls after your first purchase. So you can reap real rewards on every purchase. Rewards can be allocated and redeemed through use of free food purchases, gain discounts on textbooks and any other Sheridan book store items.

 Social bonding is a large and important part of the college experience, so going to the PSB cafe with your friends and classmates can bring a sense of unity and relaxation.

So, social networking is important both inside and outside of college because the best way to do this, so seeing that food is such a large part of our social culture, why not come and enjoy delicious bowls you make at unbeatable prices.



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