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PSB Cafe’ Carbohydrate energy bowls

Searching for a healthy breakfast spot around Sheridan College?  Welcome to the new PSB cafe located inside Sheridan College Hazel McCallion campus; Our goal is to satisfy the students and general public within the walls of Sheridan College. With our healthy breakfast bowls, PSB cafe will make our customers will feel empowered to achieve anything. Our passion has always been living a healthy lifestyle and we wanted to share our favorite meals with YOU. 

The variations of meals that we serve strain from protein-heavy to carbohydrate-heavy, all the way to Keto bowls & Vegetarian bowls.  What this article will concentrate on is our delicious Carbohydrate bowl.

What are these carbohydrate bowls? These bowls are known as energy bowls as they are high in carbs and contain smaller portions of proteins and fats. Carbohydrates are one of the 3 main nutrients that the body needs to function.

Healthy breakfast bowls are a huge feature that PSB cafe will feature for its customers at Sheridan college HMC. These bowls will introduce the students healthier alternatives while giving them the most to do their best during their time of study.

Health factors

Complex carbs are broken down more slowly than simple carbs such as sugar, fiber, and starches. Complex carbs are such as whole grains, rice, beans, starchy potatoes such as potatoes. Why these complex carbs are important is that they are high in calories which fuel the body but more importantly they fuel the body. While fueling the body complex carbs are also improving things such as; metabolism, the risk for chronic disease, digestive health, boost the immune system. Why these carbs are important and why this bowl is vital for any consumer to have them in the mornings it will fuel the body for the day.

People should consume between 35%-65% of their calories from carbohydrates. High and low carb diets can be used to gain and lose weight which is has been a great benefit to people’s lives. High carbohydrates are used in bodybuilders’ diets as they need to reach certain caloric intake levels to maintain muscle mass and muscle density. When carbs or fats aren’t sufficient in the body, the body will start to use proteins as an energy source which will deter from muscle growth.

Arnold showcasing how a healthy breakfast can lead to muscles
Arnold Schwarzenegger


What this does for you

Why these high carb diets are important, is the fact that some students are still growing their bodies. They will need the right nutrition to continue growing and to develop healthy organs and muscles. While eating high carbs It also contains many other health benefits suggest as above. This intake energy is a much healthier alternative to competitors around, a clean healthy bowl that will provide energy to the young students of Sheridan College. PSB café is ready to warrant their philosophy of life by supplying the public with these healthy bowls.


Healthy breakfast carbohydrate bowls at PSB Cafe
High carb bowl, containing rice, potatoes, a small portion of protein


PSB Café

PSB café is catering towards the students and faculty of Sheridan college HMC, the goal is to promote healthy goods in form of high carbohydrate bowls. These bowls will consist of a choice of protein, rice/quinoa and all will feature beans and corn which are high starchy complex carbs. These bowls carry extreme health benefits as one of the most unique food options on campus. Food to fuel the brain of the students.

Come to PSB café to try out our new delicious healthy breakfast bowls. Energize your body with good fuel to start out the day. We will be open September 1st 2020.

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