Calisthenics workouts at PSB

Have you ever heard about calisthenics? It is a new sport trend and can be defined as a set with different physical exercises which use only the weight of body. Instead lifting dumbbells and executing the bodybuilding common exercises focusing only on a specific group of muscles (chest or back trainings for instance), calisthenics involves movements that requires the whole body. In addition to that, calisthenics develops skills such as strength, flexibility, and balance. And now, Sheridan’s students have access to our calisthenics workouts at the PSB fitness centers.

Calisthenics group classes at PSB

Our fitness center will now offer scheduled calisthenics group classes. These classes will take place every Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning at 7am and 7pm on the HMC campus, and every Monday and Wednesday starting at 8am and 8pm on the David Campus. These classes have one hour long.
Many people avoid these types of physical activity due to its intensity but don’t be afraid! Even tough they are more difficult to execute, our instructors will provide the proper orientation and full support during classes. Check it out our calisthenics workouts at PSB fitness.

This is not the only good news. Besides the calisthenics workouts, our instructors Jessie and Matt have learned new CrossFit workouts to teach and improve the overall results of PSB members trainings.

CrossFit classes at Sheridan PSB

CrossFit is a type of high intensity training and consists of a group of exercises with functional movements. These special group classes will take place every Friday 7am at the HMC campus and 7pm at the David Campus with two hours long. Don’t forget to make your registration!

CrossFit workouts adaptation for hypertrophy

But why CrossFit trainings should be interesting to us? Some CrossFit workouts can be combined with our bodybuilding training routines, enhancing the quality of physical program, and helping us to achieve our gym objectives faster. Usually, the CrossFit workout requires a lot of strength and conditioning but all the trainings at PSB fitness are adapted in order to promote the well being without harming any gym member. We are proud of our respect and integrity with our customers and for following the safety guidelines.

Now is the time to make your registration! Don’t forget to apply for our rewards program too!

Do you want to see our previous workouts and special schedule group trainings?

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Introducing PSB Fitness Rewards!

Get Rewarded!

Available rewards you can redeem with PSB Fitness Rewards

Along with your PSB Fitness Membership, you can earn rewards every time you visit the gym and do activities!

From free smoothies and snacks to free personal training with our experts. The rewards are endless as long as you stay fit and healthy with us. Plus, members can enter contests for a chance to win great prizes!

How it works

The rewards system can be accessible whether you are using your PSB Fitness Card, Key fob, and/or mobile app, whatever you choose to present your rewards will be tracked. Every time you come to PSB Fitness; you will earn points that will accumulate leading to rewards. You also accumulate points while working out and doing activities. The more time you spend with us, the faster you rack up those points to get those sweet rewards. The rewards are not always the same. The rewards system is broken down into seasons, or 3 months, so you can claim the higher-tier rewards faster and keep the rewards fresh.


On sign-up, you will be greeted by our seasonal welcome package which includes a PSB Fitness branded t-shirt, a PSB Fitness exclusive magazine, and the in-season reward. The rewards system has 50 tiers of amazing rewards! So good luck and have fun earning those rewards while you stay fit with us. All rewards in the season are exclusive only for that season. So, when you hit tier 50, do not be ashamed to flash that merch, and what better way to reward you while staying fit and active.


For the true PSB Fitness and gym fanatic, this rewards system is for you. If you have the Ultimate Membership Package, this will be included in your membership for free. If you are a regular member, no worries, you can still have it for the cheap price of $20. With the Rewards+, every new season, along with the seasonal welcome package, you will receive an exclusive PSB Fitness gym bag and PSB Fitness branded tumbler. There are also exclusive rewards only available to Rewards+ members in the rewards system. Rewards+ members also earn extra points when they visit and do activities. Sign up now and got those sweet rewards.

Social Club

PSB Fitness Social Club logo

Are you socially active? Are you a wannabe influencer? Join the PSB Fitness Social Club and earn rewards! Joining is free of charge. All you have to do is follow PSB Fitness’ social accounts and be socially active. Whether posting your daily gym gains or your post-workout smoothie, keep posting them, and don’t forget to tag PSB Fitness and you might be a featured member on our social accounts and the PSB Fitness magazine.


Every season, PSB Fitness will host contests to reward members. There will be contests and prizes to be won per month or per season depending on the event. So stay up to do date with our email mailers and notifications for future updates and contest information.

Bring-A-Friend Program

Friends together working out and having fun

Grab a friend and bring them into PSB Fitness and earn amazing rewards like a free membership for a year! The Bring-A-Friend program is PSB Fitness’ referral program that rewards you for every person you refer and bring to the gym. Besides, nothing is better than staying fit and having fun with your friends.

Come In!

So, what are you waiting for? With countless rewards and ways to earn them, sign up now and start earning points. You have no idea how fast your points will accumulate and earn those rewards whenever you visit PSB Fitness. There is no better way to get rewarded while staying fit and active. Join now!

PSB Fitness Locations

Sheridan College Hazel McCallion Campus
4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5

Sheridan College Davis Campus
7899 McLaughlin Rd., Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9

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Sheridan HMC monthly membership

There is healthy mind in a healthy body!

There is no doubt that a person benefits from a healthy lifestyle. If you follow simple principles, you can significantly strengthen your body. That will help prolong youth and increase life expectancy. These rules include following a proper and balanced diet, having constant physical activity, sound sleep and walking in the fresh air.

The Key Point of doing activities.

Have you ever wondered why in Europe one in three goes to a gym, goes to aerobics classes or does martial arts? The fact is that a healthy lifestyle. Playing sports and keeping yourself in good shape is not only a guarantee of good health, but also an indicator of success and self-confidence. Therefore, visiting gyms and fitness clubs is a must in the work schedule of all businessmen. Also, the sale of subscribers in fitness clubs is in high demand. It will be much more convenient to use the services of the PSB Fitness club in Sheridan. Moreover, to master such types of sports arts as yoga, strip plastic, CrossFit, Pilates, cycling and other areas.

PSB Fitness

PSB Fitness club in Sheridan is, first of all, a club where you can come and completely escape from everyday worries, enjoy a special atmosphere, communication and good music. One of the key aspects of a healthy lifestyle and sports life is the cost of a subscription to a fitness club. Therefore, our team considers all the needs and capabilities of our customers.

Sheridan College

Options for customers:

– An annual subscription to a fitness club, the price of which is more profitable than a monthly subscription.
– A morning or afternoon fitness subscription is a cheap option to keep fit.
– A student subscription to attend training, which is valid with a student ID.
– Monthly subscription to the fitness club.
– Corporate card. The cost of such a subscription depends on the number of employees of one organization: the more they go to training, the lower the price of a subscription to a fitness club for a month.

The effect of PSB Fitness Club

Each of their club members – successful, self-confident, and energetic – has their own rhythm of life and their own preferences. That is why you can choose one subscription for a month in a fitness club from those offered, or for a year, daytime, or morning, of which it will make your visit to the club as comfortable as possible. Regardless of which training program you choose, the buyers have chosen for themselves in a fitness club with or without a discount. Of course the results you expect, our professional trainers and modern sports equipment will plan your workouts so that they perform the maximum pleasure, are effective and allow would you achieve truly outstanding results. In addition, the fitness card to enjoy the privileges of the community and appreciate its benefits.

Meanwhile, our main advantages are:
– the best professional equipment from world manufacturers;
– attention to detail;
– halls with a high oxygen content;
– permanent promotions for subscriptions for a month, a year;
– simple registration for a workout and getting a fitness card;
– the ability to freeze workouts without losing the card’s validity period;
– loyal policy and bonuses for regular customers;
– affordable price for a gym membership;
– modern interior of halls and lounges.

At the same time, our fitness club can issue its cards to everyone. Indead, we have programs for both women and men, or you can buy a subscription to the other fitness club branches for a special offer and give it for a birthday or other event to a loved one.

Join us to be part of the PSB Fitness club family.

PSB Fitness Family
A beautiful girl and her well-built boyfriend are greeting each other with a high-five. They are happy to see each othr in the gym. Young people are ready to start their workout

PSB Student Gym at Sheridan

person weightlifting
Pexels (2021)

PSB Grand Opening!

It’s almost Spring time and we’re all waiting for businesses to re-open after Covid-19! PSB student gym at Sheridan College is no exception, and we’re excited to show you what we’ve got in store. We know that many of you have switched to at home workouts, but nothing beats the gym environment, and how can you beat free? That’s right, your first visit is on us!

Benefits of Gyms

Working out at home can be a great alternative during lockdown, but lack many social benefits that only gym workouts can provide! For instance, you are more likely to achieve your fitness goals if you have support, and the extra motivation provided by your gym buddy can help you go further in your workout (Morris, 2016). Gyms also help you be more accountable, by decreasing the likelihood that you will skip a workout or end the session early (Morris, 2016). If you are a competitive person, home workouts simply cannot provide the same competitive environment and feeling that comes from working out among your peers. Lastly, gyms are a great way to meet new people who share similar interests! This can be a great resource for students to meet people during the time of online classes.

Why PSB Fitness at Sheridan?

Key Benefits of PSB

1. Brand new equipment and fun classes
2. Affordable packages with many discounts available
3. First visit is free!
4. Convenient location for HMC students
5. Personal trainers available on-site
6. Easily meet and connect with other HMC students!

Health & Safety at PSB

In order to provide everyone with the safest environment possible, members will be asked to wear masks while inside the gym. Secondly, screening questions will be asked at the door, and temperature checks will also be performed. Finally, all equipment will be sanitized after every member, and free hand sanitizer will be provided. We will be continuing to monitor the situation according to provincial guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Covid-19 safety initiatives, please reach out to us at, or through one of our social media platforms (links at the bottom).

Equipment and Services at PSB

girl working out
Pexels (2021)

At PSB Fitness you will find brand new weight lifting and cardio equipment, along with a wide variety of classes and services. We have 3 on-site personal trainers, and offer various classes including yoga. All of our equipment is brand new, and will be disinfected regularly. Currently we have treadmills, ellipticals, bench presses, stationary bicycles, rowing machines, dumbbells, and yoga mats. We are in the process of acquiring additional equipment to better suit the needs of all our members. Our experienced personal trainers can work with you when it’s convenient for you, and combine a variety of strength and cardio workouts for optimal results.

Prices & Promotions at PSB

Our packages range from $20-60, with special discounts for HMC Students. Your first visit is free, so make sure you bring some friends along to check us out! We also have a referral program, giving a discount to both the referrer and the referee. Our mission at PSB Fitness is to provide a high-quality gym experience at a low and affordable cost for students. We run regular promotions on our social media accounts which you can find below.

Connect With Us – PSB Student Gym at Sheridan

person with phone
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If you would like to stay up to date on the latest PSB Fitness news (and have the chance to find promotions early), follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! We will also be posting weekly on this blog, so make sure you bookmark it to continue receiving great promotions. We would also greatly appreciate if you could leave us a review on Google and Yelp (please be honest!). Any questions or concerns can be directed to

Morris, Z. (2016). The Social Impact of Being Physical. NCPAD.