PSB Fitness Center Grand Opening is Sheridan HMC & Davis

Now it’s here we are opening the first ever Gyms in Sheridan college campuses and we are proudly to present that PSB is here for you!

PSB will be here for you to:

lose weight
gain muscle
Increase your stamina
Training for professional sports
have more confidence
be a better version of yourself
And so much more…

In Addition PSB strive to give you a better eating and training habits and to have a better Quality of life.
PSB offers:

• Personal Training.
• Weight Training.
• Daily Fitness Classes.
• Time Management.
• Diet Nutrition.
• Virtual On Demand Classes.
• Hot Yoga.
• Premium Equipment.

At Home
• Personal Training.
• On-Demand Classes.
• At-Home Workout And Exercises.
• Recipes And Nutrition Content.
• Daily Live Stream Classes And Workouts.

Tips and Tricks to get the most out of your workout/ Diet Plan.
As you settle into an active lifestyle, Above all you will want to learn which fitness routine it will give you the most energy and the best results and PSB will be here for you and help you make that happen.
Why you should join PSB fitness:

• $0 Joining Fees.
• No Commitment, no regrets.
• Cancel Anytime.
• 1 Hour On-Boarding Session Per Adult With A Personal Trainer.
• $25 Spa Credit.
• Digital Featuring Apple Fitness+.
• Nutritional Discounts.
• Social Events.
• Unlimited Small Group Training.


Sheridan College Davis 7899 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9
Sheridan College HMC 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5

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416 845 9406 – Monday to Friday 9 a.m to 5 p.m
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Fitness Club Sheridan Brampton

A completely new experience at PSB Fitness Club at Sheridan Brampton

About Us

Our mission is to provide Canadians the opportunity to live a fit and healthy life. PSB Fitness Club at Sheridan Brampton is currently opened at the two campuses of Sheridan College, Brampton, and Mississauga where people can avail benefits round the clock, 24/7. Additionally, we provide a great atmosphere that everyone loves to work out in.

Moreover, the Fitness Club at Sheridan Brampton is a fitness Gym that will provide exceptional services, equipment’s and products to their customers like:

• Open 24/7
• No Commitment period
• Virtual Fitness and cycling
• 1 weeks free trial and a shareable membership
• Top quality equipment
• Tanning services
• PSB Accessories
• Personal training
• Nutritional Counseling
• Energy Drinks and Supplements
• Lockers
• Yoga and Zumba Classes
• Post-workout meals and snack

Why Join

What makes us special at PSB Fitness Club Sheridan Brampton is not our treadmills or most advanced equipment, but our vision to inspire you to live a good healthy life and our commitment to help and support you in achieving your fitness goals. For this reason, the services provided by PSB fitness at Sheridan Brampton and Mississauga locations are kickboxing, yoga, Zumba, Cardio, and Strength Classes. Most importantly it will help to reduce their depression, anxiety, stress, and strengthen their immune system. Because people follow a busy schedule, our centers offer more than 20 Virtual Fitness Classes which are one of the biggest advantages of joining us. Apart from this, the centers will have all the necessary equipment for the people according to their choices and as per their age requirements.

Get Motivated and Stay Motivated

There will be Certified trainers and fitness coaches at both the Sheridan locations. Undoubtedly, they will help you to stay motivated and build confidence to achieve your goals. Also, these Personal Trainers are passionate about bringing out your best, whatever your best looks and feels like. Along with this, we can design a customized workout plan for you and ensure your workouts are efficient and build healthy habits for life. Moreover, we will record your progress which will push you hard to achieve your fitness goals.

Personal Trainers PSB Fitness

Nutrients and Diet Plans

If you want to build up, lose fat, or stay healthy, then we will provide you with a goal-specific meal plan to get results. Consequently, our expert dietitians at PSB Fitness have created templates to help you do all three, along with guidelines that will help you track the carbs, fat, and protein that you should take each day which will be according to the composition of your meals. Certainly, our customers will achieve great results.

Healthy Food PSB Fitness
Click Here to know the importance of Balance Diet

Yoga and Zumba Classes

Additionally, various classes such as yoga, massage, and cycling are offered to members through 55-minute dynamic movements that will restore the balance and strength of the core balance of the abdominal and lower back muscles, thus improving your flexibility. Particularly, these exercises will increase blood circulation level. Secondly, we also have option of Zumba classes for the people who are not willing to do weight trainings.

Yoga Classes PSB Fitness Zumba Classes PSB Fitness

Cardio and Strength Classes

The machine-free and weight-free exercise are simple to access for beginners as well as for experts as well as involves cardio full-body workouts that lead to better heart health, a stronger immune system, better sleep, and improved mood. In addition to this, the machines target the specific muscle area to be developed. Above all, the workout programs using a variety of equipment intensify your training to get the best results. Hence, you can choose from a wide selection of our classes that targets specific body parts or give you a full-body workout in an hour or less. In conclusion, through us, you can not only build muscles, achieves weight loss goal but also maintain bone density.

Cardio Classes PSB Fitness Strength Classes PSB Fitness


Economical membership plans starting from $15 to $40 per month. Definitely, we are offering excellent benefits to the customer at competitive price. Evidently, we have referral programs that can provide discounts by using referral codes from friends and famous influencers. As a result of this, Sheridan students and students of other colleges can also avail discounts.

You can also book your appointment with the PSB Fitness Club and keep you updated with the official social media accounts of PSB Fitness.

PSB Fitness Club Twitter PSB Sheridan Facebook page

Become A Member
Talk To Our Team
416 845 9406 – Monday to Friday 9 a.m to 5 p.m
Or Send Us An Email

Sheridan PSB Fitness Services

Sheridan PSB Fitness Services
Everyone knows that for a healthy lifestyle, we should do regular exercise and eat healthy. But, when it comes to join a Gym, we have several excuses like I will start it next month, I don’t have time for it and some says that it is very costly. But somewhere these excuses can ruin your health. So, for this, we have a great platform for you, Sheridan PSB Fitness Services.
Fitness at Sheridan College
PSB fitness is not only a gym, it has so many other things also under one roof. PSB Sheridan helps you to get fit and healthy in a new way without getting tired of old exercise techniques.

How it works:
Our techniques: we try to match exercises which are best for your body requirements. Once you get started, at every step PSB helps you to practice everything in a good manner and we will evaluate your performance and will change your exercises according to the results.

Your own Gym: what if I don’t have time to go to gym or my schedule is not matching with Gym? Don’t worry we have a solution for that also once subscribed to our services, you can get access to our fitness videos and guidance by our coaches. So, you can do them according to your own convenience.

Why only PSB Fitness:
At Sheridan PSB is known as a gym for body wholeness exercises. It provides different ways to get fit like:

Aerobic exercises: PSB offers aerobic exercises in form of dance classes and step aerobics to improve the flexibility and strengthen the muscles.

Nutritional Advice: With exercises, proper diet is also very important. Generally,Trainers suggest supplements to build muscles fast and easily, but, at PSB you will get proper advice about natural diet by our health experts for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people.

Counselling: While starting exercises or any fitness programme a person come across various issues. Our coaches help individuals to exercise properly according to their body requirements. We provide special services for anger management.

Personal trainer:
Personal Trainer
While starting fitness journey, a person needs proper guidance and motivation during regular exercises. So here you need a personal trainer in order to support you. PSB Fitness gym has fully certified professionals as personal trainers. They can help you by suggesting proper exercises according to your body requirements.

With these exercises, PSB Fitness Sheridan also concentrates on the exercises for the mind and soul. PSB offers meditation and yoga services to make your mind fit.
Yoga meditation:
Yoga MeditationIt is the best way to create a connection between the body and mind. In this, a person must feel his sensations. While doing this, a person starts thinking about different things and tries to make a connection of mind with soul to experience the occurring positive thoughts.

PSB considers this exercise important and for this, a place is needed with full of silence, SO, at PSB we have a soundproof hall where the individuals can do yoga meditation without any disturbance.

Other interesting ways to get fit:
Dance studio: Dancing is considered as an art but PSB converts it into a new and recreational way of doing exercise. Basically, we are starting this dance studio for girls so that they can learn dance moves from our tutors which will help them as an alternative of stretching exercises. So, it is like killing two birds with one stone.

So, what are you waiting for? Join PSB Fitness Sheridan in order to make your body fit and healthy.
Let’s start a great fitness journey together. We ensure to help you at every
The locations are very convenient: Sheridan Davis and Sheridan HMC.

You can find more information about us on our Instagram and Facebook pages.